Missing boy: Captors demand R50 000

Source: Missing boy: Captors demand R50 000 | The Herald

Missing boy: Captors demand R50 000

Victor Maphosa

Herald Reporter

NEARLY two months after a 16-year-old boy went missing from Crowborough, the mother is now receiving text messages demanding a ransom of R50 000 from the boy’s cellphone number, confirming the senders have his phone.

Nigel Kundishora was reported missing from December 1 around 4pm after being sent by his mother, Ms Doreen Kundishora, to buy cement at a shopping centre in Crowborough.

He never returned home, prompting the mother and other relatives to search for him. He was doing Form Three at Mufakose 3 High School. A missing person report was filed at Marimba Police Station under Report Received Book (RRB) 4602303/20.

A day after the boy’s picture was shown on television, an anonymous person contacted his mother giving a Warren Park address, but that appeared to be a case of mistaken identity.

Then recently, Nigel’s mother received a text message from someone demanding R50 000 in order to release the boy. The text message reads: “50 000 Rand to get Nigel, just 58 hours.”

The message was sent from Nigel’s mobile phone. But efforts to call the same number failed as it was unavailable.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said police investigations were underway.

Asst Comm Nyathi

“Yes, the police are searching for the missing boy. Several people are bringing information with some saying he is being seen and others alleging that they are aware of his whereabouts. So we are conducting investigations to obtain the truth.” Ms Kundishora said after the putting a missing person report on television, she received a phone-call from an anonymous person who gave a Warren Park address and accurately described Nigel.

She went with the police, but Nigel was not there. “I requested to meet the anonymous man but he refused. We only communicate through phone calls. While we were in Warren Park, I received a text message saying “R50 00 to get Nigel, just 58 hours.”

“The message was sent from Nigel’s number. I tried calling back on the same number but it was already switched off.

“I am worried about this whole issue. We have searched everywhere. I am not sure if he is still alive, but I pray that God keeps him alive and if he is already dead, at least I should know,” said Ms Kundishora.

The Herald phoned the “anonymous” caller, who claimed to know where the boy is. He told this writer that he had seen Nigel in Warren Park, but he believed the abductors took him to their rural home or somewhere out of town.

The householder at the address, Mr Misheck Denhere, said he had never seen Nigel.

“There are people who came here with the police and said they were looking for Nigel.

“Unfortunately, I do not even know the said person. Those people produced a photograph of the boy called Nigel and he looks like my son who stays here. I am sure it was a case of mistaken identity because the Nigel you are talking about never stayed here and I do not know him. Why would I stay with him here?” he said. Nigel’s father, Mr Richard Chiimba, who has since separated with Nigel’s mother was also worried and busy searching for his son. Mr Chiimba stays in Dzivarasekwa.

“Nigel grew up with his mother, hence he uses mother’s surname. I last saw him in June last year. I only learnt of his disappearance through his mother, who informed me a few days after he went missing.”