Mixed feelings over Ginimbi death 

Source: Mixed feelings over Ginimbi death – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure (36) partied all the way to his tragic death while driving to his Domboshava home soon after a party in Harare. His death has shocked many who knew or heard of the young millionaire socialite. Zimbabweans speak on Ginimbi’s death.

By Evans Mathanda

Saviour Kasukuwere (@Hon_Kasukuwere)
Genius Kadungure~This is unbearable. A youngman who worked hard and enjoyed hard is no more! The flower has wilted! Go well Boss Ginimbi. MHDSRIP

Mathias Mhere
Ko mkoma Why?why so soon?Rest in peace mkoma wangu..matibaya panodzimba moyo..

Hermaine M (@HermaineM)
RIP Mr Big spender, Ginimbi and Moana Broken heart.

The Comic Pastor and Associates
Rest in Power my King, now who shall I talk of, ndodenha ani asinganditsamwire,ndabva kunodenha you still would pick up my calls. Rest In Peace the real G a friend to many Ginimbi Kadungure mbinga yemaShuwa.

Paidamoyo (@alenus6)
The last Instagram story posted by Zimbabwean Millionaire #Ginimbi or before he was confirmed dead this morning. Life is short guys. MHSRIP. Cherish each day #Ginimbi #geniusallwhiteparty.

LynneM (@LynneStactia)
Gone too soon,sadly the most goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid & unexplained & em sure a lot of young people who loved & followed Ginimbi will wake up today to the most shocking & saddest news,they will seek answers they will never find -Sad Pensive face MHSRPFolded handsFolded hands.

Duke of Mthwakazi (@mpexyber)
2020 has tought me “First thing you do in the morning, Pray, thank God for gift of life, Because they are many that didn’t see the Morning”. Sad News, Ginimbi Has Left the world. MHSRIP.

K U L A N I (@kulanicool)
Rest in Peace Ginimbi, he died in a high speed crash. His purple Rolls Royce caught flames.

FreemanAndFriendsMixtape (@realfreemanHKD)
Just recently we celebrated his birthday not knowing kuti it was his farewell as well.Only God knows kuti uchararama kusvika papi haa tirikutandara pano pasi,Rest in Peace mukuru

emperor (@emperor_skites)
Replying to @Hon_Kasukuwere
It all comes to this! You struggle, make it, get rich then you are taken from the face of the earth.. go well Ginimbi.. life is all but vanity.

The Lord Of The Wings (@WhyUfikeLate)
RIP Ginimbi. UJ huns, slay Queens, Sandton night clubs,Gucci and LV manager’s your death hit them most. Surely death be not proud may God comfort them Folded hands.

Mai Tt
I loved you with all my heart and your attitude boss mamusina basa nemunhu muchizvifarirwa nehupenyu.
I always said when I grow up I want to be like you ,did skits for you I loved you from the bottom of my heart . I remember kushow ground ndakakutii chimbondipaio mari you just took out a bunch mukandipa boss.
Ndarwadziwa maximum this is not the way to go anyway REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER, MY BOSS, MY MENTOR.
Hakuchinazve mumwe GINIMBI Anodarika imimi BOSS.

mmatigari (@matigary)
Sad to hear of the passing on of Ginimbi. Pasi hariguti imiwee.Boyz raizipirwa, so they made the best of the time God provided.

Malinga (@marhinopanna)
Very sad development to learn that Ginimbi is no more. Death is so cruel and it has no respect, it hits rich or poor.#RestInPeace

I trust this will be a lesson to many. Whether you’re rolling in a RR or driving a polo, drinking & driving leads to this. Let us be responsible bazalwane Folded hands #RIPGINIMBI #Ginimbi

Mr Wonderful (@NickkTitan)
What a horrible feeling ..Ginimbi was constantly a source of positive & fun energy.

If anything, life has proven to us so many times recently to stop drinking and driving. #Ginimbi was living his best life a couple of hours before he was confirmed dead this morning from a car accident. May his soul rest in peace.

Madyira (@MitchellMGumbo)
Saddened by the death of Ginimbi and those he was riding with. May you all be comforted during such traumatic times…

Liv M (@Oli_Pope)
I know when it’s your time to go then it’s just that BUT some things can be avoided. If you plan on getting wasted, take a sober driver with you to be safe. RIP Ginimbi.

Chishamba Mucheche (@chishamba_L)
It a sad day for me!! I am an all white fan. Ginimbi is no more its heartbreaking Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face Mweya wako dai wawana zororo.

maybe Ginimbi had a better relationship with God than all of us here but we are just judgy because we think toziva Mwari sterek.

ZAR 50 million (@realnorma_kay)
Sad to show this…the difference between his life and that government coffin is something people are not ready to talk about #Ginimbi #RIPGINIMBI