Mnangagwa Accuses Mugabe Of Habouring Criminals

Source: Mnangagwa Accuses Mugabe Of Habouring Criminals | ZimEye

By Langaton Ncube| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has accused the former President Robert Mugabe of habouring criminals.

Mnangagwa who was on Friday for the first time addressing a Zanu PF congress after the forced resignation of Mugabe by the military last month, said his predecessor was accommodating criminals.

“G40 was a cabal of counter-revolutionaries, who like weevils, were destroying the party from within, fueling corruption, disrespecting  party rules & sanitising corruption,” Mnangagwa told Zanu officials  attending the party’s extra ordinary congress in Harare.

G-40 is a Zanu PF faction which lost the party’s succession battle to Mnangagwa last month.

The faction was  led by Mugabe’s wife Grace who was also fired from the party after the ouster of her husband from government by Mnangagwa.

“Corrupt activities were daily sanitised while money was stashed outside the country with the  economy suffering,” said Mnangagwa.


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    Kutama 5 years ago

    This seems to be the pot calling the Kettle back? Or should we say one Gukuruhundi architect calling the Gukuruhundi co- architect a murderer? This is an interesting development on perceptions.

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    Red Dog 5 years ago

    Mr reporter where exactly in your article does ED accuse Mugabe of anything?

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    Chatham House 5 years ago

    Mugabe will need to take all the farms to harbour the Zanu criminals – and go back into the DRC and Mozambique for more space – there are plenty in Zanu. Who will do all the documentation for Mugabe? Perhaps Mr. Mudede – he is really experienced.