Mnangagwa escalates parastatals reform 

Mnangagwa escalates parastatals reform 

Source: Mnangagwa escalates parastatals reform – NewsDay Zimbabwe March 12, 2018

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has set in motion a process to make sure State-owned enterprises are managed by people with the requisite skills and knowledge, it has emerged.


Mnangagwa has, since taking power on the back of a military intervention in November last year, been concentrating on economic revival and creating the necessary political environment for revival.

In a notice last week, Mnangagwa’s office said a law to establish the public entities Corporate Governance Unit will be in place before the end of June.

“On July 21 (2017) the Public Entities Corporate Governance Bill (PECGB) was gazetted. The Bill will shortly be tabled in Parliament and is expected to become law before the end of June 2018.

“In terms of the Bill, the Corporate Governance Unit (CGU) with the Office of the President and Cabinet is required, inter alia, to establish and maintain up to date a comprehensive directory or database accessible to all line ministers and boards that will enable them to identify suitably qualified candidates for appointment to boards of public entities,” the notice said.

“The Bill further explicitly requires that the members of the boards of every public entity have an appropriate diversity of skills, experience and qualifications for managing the entity including skills, qualifications and experience in the field of law, accountancy, marketing and one or more of the engineering disciplines.”

Mnangagwa, who has been running around with the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business”, has invited Zimbabweans in the diaspora to make themselves available for appointment.

“Nationals of Zimbabwe, including those in the diaspora, who would be interested in being considered for appointment to the board of a State entity and, who possess such relevant skills, experience or qualifications are invited to submit details of their academic qualifications, their professional and or other work related experience and the sector(s) in which they believe their specific skills set and competences could add value to the operational efficiency and effectiveness of parastatals or State enterprises in that or those sector(s),” the President’s Office said.