Mnangagwa Pounces On Grace Mugabe

Mnangagwa Pounces On Grace Mugabe

Source: Mnangagwa Pounces On Grace Mugabe | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube|Zanu PF is reportedly instituting a forensic audit into all projects which the former first lady Grace Mugabe was engaged in during her tenure as the party’s Women’s Affairs boss.

The party’s Women wing wants Grace to  account  for party funds that she received on behalf of Zanu PF from numerous donors.

“Grace had introduced various multi-million dollar projects whose value cannot be ascertained because of poor corporate governance issues. Millions of dollars were sunk into projects that are not viable leaving room for financial abuses,”Khuluma Afrika reports.

“ No-one was allowed to question how the funds were being used,”.

“The good wishers were donating to Zanu PF but she made sure that all the money was received and kept by herself. The women’s league secretary for finance was reduced to a spectator as she had no role to play in deciding how the funds were to be used,” the publication further stated.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) is already investigating how Grace Mugabe received her PhD from the University of Zimbabwe in 2014 after lecturers at the institution disowned the degree.

The anti-graft body has also said that Grace can be arrested because the immunity that was granted to her husband former president Robert Mugabe does not extend to her and the rest of the family.


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    Alamta 2 years ago

    I do not like your headline. this is not about Mnangagwa!! Please stop creating confusion. It must be the machinery of that party which is entitled to look at how they have conducted their business and must be accountable to their members not Mnangagwa. I am confident Mnangagwa can see past all this futile posturing and hope he can successfully navigate the country to the other side. Unfortunately he has got time to undo all the 37 years of mental torture which was imposed on people. If Grace did not do anything wrong then things will come out in the wash. People of Zimbabwe should consider themselves lucky that the radical change is being presented by someone who has seen first hand what an oppressor can do but could not do anything prematurely like the Edgar Tekeres tried to do way back when. So help him by being objective in your reporting which will help the people of Zimbabwe start to move forward not for anyone else but their own interests!!

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      Lacoste 2 years ago

      Well said.

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      So it was all Mugabe’s fault. He and only he was responsible for the disaster that is Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa had NOTHING to do with Gukuruhundi or endemic corruption or rigging elections or the disappearance of Zimbabweans. Ahhh why didn’t I realise this before. Silly me. But I will take heart in him telling ALL to the Zimbabwean people now that it is not premature. Like releasing the report on Gukuruhundi, like telling everyone exactly how Mugabe oppressed people. Yes, and I’m sure when Mugabe is dead, Mnangagwa will be even more revealing as to what a monster Mugabe was and how Mugabe killed 20000 civilians with his bare hands.

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    captain 2 years ago

    Aaaaaah evryman or woman must carry their own cross be accountable and responsible fo yo actions #ZIMBABWE INYIKA INE MUTEMO KANA INI NDIRI PASI PEMUTEMO