Mnangagwa Refuses To Be Praised

Mnangagwa Refuses To Be Praised

Source: Mnangagwa Refuses To Be Praised | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube| President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told his party that he is  not God and does not want to be praised.

“Do not sing songs about me, but sing revolutionary songs from the liberation struggle and our national anthem. I will be content and overjoyed,” Mnangagwa told Zanu PF officials attending the party’s extra-ordinary congress in Harare on Friday.

Mnangagwa’s leadership worshiping denunciation statement comes after recently the Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Josiah Hungwe had hero-worshiped him at a meeting in Masvingo.

The President who took over power from his longtime mentor Robert Mugabe with the assistance of the military last month, said the Friday congress was going to set a new political pace.

“The Congress must define a new trajectory for our party,” he said.


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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    If this is true, can we see the end of those silly shirts with photos of the self elected elite everywhere, including their own shirts?

    Did we not have photos of Mugabe everywhere, including toilet paper! That was the pinnacle of his megalomania…

    And we all kept quiet, and silently obeyed his crazy instructions…

    Just like that lamb and those sheep in Isiah Chapter 53:7…