MNANGAGWA SECRETS? – Jonathan Moyo Says ED & Chiwenga Went To Tsvangirai To Negotiate That Elections Be Held After 3 Years | BREAKING NEWS - Zimbabwe Situation

MNANGAGWA SECRETS? – Jonathan Moyo Says ED & Chiwenga Went To Tsvangirai To Negotiate That Elections Be Held After 3 Years | BREAKING NEWS

Source: MNANGAGWA SECRETS? – Jonathan Moyo Says ED & Chiwenga Went To Tsvangirai To Negotiate That Elections Be Held After 3 Years | BREAKING NEWS | ZimEye

Former Higher Education minister, professor Jonathan Moyo has spoken to the BBC on their Hard Talk program attacking President Emmmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

Speaking from an undisclosed location, Prof Moyo claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa has attempted negotiating with MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, elections after 3 years.

Other highlights from Jonathan Moyo’s BBC interview are that:

– in November last year, he as he claims, ran away not from a warrant of arrest but from a death warrant.

– When the devil offers you immunity you will be a fool to accept it.

– Mugabe was humiliated by the people who were saying they were protecting him and his legacy, he said.

– I was saved by angels; left the country legally.

– the coup, he claims, was “a political agenda.”

” they said they were targeting so called criminals around President Mugabe. But we now know that they were talking about political criminals. They have not come up with any crime that would rise to warrant the attention of Interpol.

” these are people in pursuit of a political agenda. They believe that we committed political crimes by supporting President Mugabe and not supporting them.”

” this is a very strange and unique definition of criminals and only applies to Zimbabwe…”

– On the night of the coup, he says I didn’t go to Mugabe residence I went to Kasukuwere’s house with my family and solders fired at the house for about 30 minutes then they left that’s when we left.

– Emmerson Mnangagwa and Gen Constantino Chiwenga went to Tsvangirai to negotiate that elections be held after 3 years.

– Prof Moyo also claimed Mnangagwa “can’t hold free and fair elections…”

– He was quizzed on him plotting against Mnangagwa and to this he replied saying, “no, Zimbabwe inspite of this coup… the fact of the matter is Zimbabwe has come of age… It is a country of laws, we have a new constitution and this is a new constitution that Zimbabweans made for themselves. And it has been broken and it has been broken via a coup… and if anyone out there thinks that Zimbabweans are going to embrace the coup, entrench these leaders, when they know a very worrying fact Zenab…right now, the cabinet of the Republic of Zimbabwe is led by the most feared people in the history of this country. They are feared because they are associated with every atrocity that has happened from Gukurahundi to Murambatsvina, the people of Zimbabwe cannot be expected to embrace the most feared individuals.”


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    I really don’t understand why this man is given a platform to speak
    He stole money from the mandev fund which is there to assist students – unbelievable and I don’t think has spoken the truth in his life
    All he has done for the last few years is create havoc

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    This man is talking nonsense we know him when he was a student he was against mugabes’rule but when he was admitted to the corruption umbrella he praised the man whom he used to attack now he is a destitute he is now talking nonsense he will not win we are behind the gvt of President Munangagwa

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    Solomon 6 months

    come green or yellow i hate this man to the bone. He was benefiting from the system thats he doesnt know what the people were feeling. you should have shown him video clips of the Zim people after RGM resigned.

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    JRR56 6 months

    Unbelievable hypocrisy from the great thief and apologiser for Mugabe and Grace. Hope one day he returns and is held accountable for his crimes. Meantime where ever he may be, squeeze every penny you can from this thief for letting him soil your country

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    Mduduzi Nyathi 6 months

    This Man is right what these corrupt ZANU PF gvt is doing is not for our country but there are trying to cover their crime in the name of arresting corrupt G40 if its for the nation let’s see even those lacoste, MDC, other political parties, gvt institutions and the public arrested andinvestigated. we need to see the those responsible for the death of our fellow brothers and those who rigged 2008 investigated and arrested. we also want to see chinamasa going to court becoz he abuse the office same like Jonathan by diverting the money which was not meant for building dam but opted to use it for construction of a dam. we need to see those arrested Mthwakazi guys without any wrong to be brought to court

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    eve 6 months

    He is just an attention seeking man who behaves like a spoilt child. Zimbabwe is moving on which ever way. There is no going back. Dindingwe rinonaka richikweva rimwe kana rokwevewa roti mavara angu azara ivhu.Moyo get over it and be grown up.It is over.