Mnangagwa welcomes Wec initiative 

Source: Mnangagwa welcomes Wec initiative – DailyNews Live

Omega Ukama      7 March 2018

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the mandate and strategy of
faith community-led economic development movement, World Economic Congress
(Wec), aimed at improving people’s lives was crucial for Zimbabwe’s
economic growth.

Wec presented its economic transformation strategy to the president during
his meeting with leaders of churches in Zimbabwe which was attended by
more than
1 000 church leaders from around the country.

Mnangagwa acknowledged and welcomed Wec’s plans and pledged his support to
the organisation’s agenda. He also expressed his intention to maintain
engagement with the body.

“You have talked about the World Economic Congress…you say you need a
Christian economic forum, it is welcome, we will support it, we will
dialogue as we try to interrogate the best ways to improve the lives of
our people,” he said.

Wec, which was formed in 2016 by a group of Christian and business leaders
from around the world, recently decided to establish its headquarters in
Zimbabwe while Alexander Chisango was appointed as president of the

The Christian organisation’s agenda is to support economic development
around the world through alliances within the Christian community.

In November last year, Wec held a summit which was hosted by Zimbabwe and
ran under the theme “Reconstructing Africa beyond limitations; an
integrated collaborative approach”.

Chisango said at the summit that the body adopted several progressive
programmes that will run with the involvement of the church, business and
the government. He added that members of the faith community in Zimbabwe
have welcomed the developments.

“At the summit, various game changer projects were adopted with the
participation of the church, business and government. Churches in Zimbabwe
have shouldered the mandate of the congress,” he said.

Chisango said the leadership of the organisation is pleased with
Mnangagwa’s reception and looks forward to working with the government.

“We are grateful that the president has welcomed congress’ strategy and
mandate. We will be engaging him constantly going forward. We are
anticipating that the government’s involvement in our deliberations and
operations will turn to positive results.

“We knew that we could not achieve our goals without the involvement of
the government to create a conducive environment for business, and this is
why the presentation to the president was so important to us, some of our
members actually flew in from around the world to attend the event as we
were presenting our case to the president,” he added.- The Financial