Money-lending company loses US$700k to robbers 

Source: Money-lending company loses US$700k to robbers –Newsday Zimbabwe

POLICE in Harare have launched a manhunt for six armed robbers who raided a financial services company before making off with US$700 000.

 The suspects were armed with iron bars, explosives and guns when they stormed the company premises before attacking employees who were on duty.

 They then ransacked the operations manager’s office where they blasted a safe and got away with US$716 340, two small cash boxes, three laptops and a bag.

They also stole a pistol.

The suspects dropped US$5 000, two laptops and a grinder as they fled from the scene.

The cash was meant for company clients and it was delivered at the offices on Friday.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations were underway, adding that insiders could have leaked information to the robbers.

“Preliminary investigations show that there is a leakage of information from insiders to the criminals,” Nyathi said.

“As police, we have always said companies should not release information about their financial dealings to every employee, including security guards.”