More docs to offer free services

Source: More docs to offer free services | The Herald

More docs to offer free services

Africa Moyo Deputy News Editor

The number of Zimbabwean medical practitioners willing to offer free consultations over the phone during the 21-day lockdown period has risen to 17.

A specialist urologist based at Mpilo Hospital in Bulawayo, Dr Hassan Ashmawy, told The Herald yesterday that more doctors had accepted to offer free phone consultations.

The team is made up of cardiologists, gynaecologists, paediatricians, oncologists, ophthalmologists and dentists and two are nurses.

“The number has grown, we are now 17,” said Dr Ashmawy. He came up with the initiative on Sunday, after realising the extent to which citizens in need of medical attention would be impacted by the 21-day lockdown.

Dr Ashmawy said it was commendable that the doctors and nurses decided to “unite, step up and make the world a better place”.

The facility is open to everyone, and the doctors are based in various towns and cities.

A patient will call the doctors to set a phone consultation appointment or for further details on the nature of their consultations. Dr Ashmawy said the development saves one from physically travelling to the doctor’s office and risk catching or spreading the highly contagious coronavirus.

Some Covid-19 cases in the world have been transmitted either by doctors to their patients or vice versa, hence the move to assist patients over the phone.

The following is the list; Dr Sameh Grace, a physician/cardiologist (0712 204 124, 0735 102 363); Dr Maqbool Gaibe a dentist (0777 346 661); Dr Nasser Ismail a dentist (0773 003 090); Dr Sedze a dentist (0772 972 431); Dr Makore an obstetrician/gynaecologist (0717721 312); Dr Jeffrey Moyo, an obstetrician/gynaecologist (0774 100 634); Dr Mervyn Venge, an obstetrician/gynaecologist (0772 334 661); and Dr Moyana Muguto, an obstetrician/gynaecologist (0774 121 283).

Others are; Dr Gwen Kandawasvika a paediatrician (0772 235 643); Dr Tongai Chitsamatanga a paediatric orthopaedics (0773 027 696); Dr Melinda Mushonga an oncologist (0778 822 222); Dr T. Mhute an ophthalmologist (0773 370 161); Dr Coline Msasanure an orthopaedic (0772 275 891); Dr Ismail Tickley a paediatrician (0777 005 608); Dr Hassan Ashmawy a specialist urologist (0712400922) and nurses, Yasmin Ahmed (0712604086) and Olga Kachana (0775 202 512).