More men report domestic abuse

Source: More men report domestic abuse | The Herald April 8, 2019

More men report domestic abuse

Victor Maphosa Herald Correspondent
The number of men who reported domestic violence cases has been on the increase since 2016, the Anti-Domestic Violence Council has revealed.

Briefing the media on the latest statistics and cases of domestic violence in Harare last week, chairperson of the Anti-Domestic Violence Council in Zimbabwe Mrs Eunice Njovana said it was worrisome that cases of domestic violence continued to rise.

She said while the number of men who report cases of domestic violence is increasing, the number of women who report remains very high.

“In 2016 about 1 993 men reported cases of domestic violence perpetrated against them and in 2017 the number of men who reported these incidences increased to 2 461.

“However, the number of women who reported cases of domestic violence in 2016 dropped from 17 673 to 16 067 in 2017, although there is a down trend of reported cases on the side of women, the numbers remain high and unacceptable,” Mrs Njovana said.

She said there is need for everyone in the society to unite and put an end to all forms of domestic violence.

Mrs Njovana called on service providers to promptly provide quality services to victims of domestic violence and ensure timely access to justice.

“Ending domestic violence will require a coordinated and concerted community response in which everyone plays a part, as the Anti-Domestic Violence Council we are calling on communities and community leaders to develop a culture of zero tolerance to domestic violence and leaders to speak openly against it and create community-based protection systems,” she said.

“We call upon policymakers to commit themselves and play their part in ending domestic violence, stiff penalties are to be imposed on perpetrators of domestic violence.”

She said the Constitution of Zimbabwe clearly indicates that every citizen has the right to security.

“We must always remember that according to Section 52 of our Constitution, every Zimbabwean has a right to personal security and bodily integrity. This is why as caring community members, we must do more because it is our responsibility to put an end to domestic violence.”

She urged all victims of domestic violence not to hesitate to report the cases to the police’s specialised Victim Friendly Unit.