More Than the Big Three: the Hidden Gems of South African Sports Betting

South Africa has 3 sports that dominate the minds of the fans and bettors, while the headlines help to fuel this passion: rugby, cricket and football. Along with the spectacular show comes a lot of lucrative betting opportunities. But these three pillars aren’t the only options that can bring joy and have interesting odds in it, as you’ll explore from this article. Moreover, Hollywoodbets net Spina Zonke is also a great way to spend time if you like placing bets – it’s a series of fun slots on a trusted casino website we recommend you to delve into using the link.

Kabaddi: East meets South

Kabaddi came from India, but found its place on South African land, becoming more and more popular with time. So don’t be surprised with its inclusion here: the strategic mind you need to predict the outcome together with the strength and speed of players do appeal to many South Africans.

How its played:

– Two teams of seven players compete with each other for points on the enemy’s territory.

– The playfield is divided on two sides with zones.

– One of the players must touch the opponent and return to their side.

– To defend the other team needs to hold the attacker.

Betting opportunities are pretty standard and well-known for any punter. You can find an option to place a bet on a point spread, choosing how big of a difference would be between the winner and loser. Predicting who scores the first point in a game is a good way for a newbie too. Savvy bettors choose individual player performances, where you can bet on who will become an MVP of a game, or score most points.

The experienced bettor will have an edge here, because Kabaddi popularity grows in South Africa and bookies offers are highly competitive here with a great odds to choose from.

Volleyball: rising star on the beach and in the halls

Volleyball is increasingly popular in South Africa. Both beach and indoor offer exciting spectacle and good betting opportunities.

It isn’t hard to understand why: the sport is fast-paced and exciting throughout the whole match. Both teams need to play together as a well-structured mechanism, where every detail is perfectly balanced and used for its purpose. Though indoor volleyball is fun, the beach one is also visually attractive and the picture makes you excited ten times more.

The sport of beach volleyball provides a sporting challenge as well as sporting fun. You can easily place a bet on the winner of a game, trying to predict triumphs in a particular game. For those who love to delve into statistics there’s also an option to predict how many service errors will be made during the match.

Volleyball attracts more and more attention and fans, creating communities around it. Naturally, bookmakers come, paying more attention to sport and offering highly attractive odds on lesser-known teams.

Athletics: not just for the Olympics

Although this sport has a lot of yearly major events, it gets its attention only at the Olympics. Such a treatment is unfair to athletes who train so hard and work their best, opening exciting betting opportunities at the same time.

The attraction of athletics is in its easy to follow structure and rules. Analysing individual performances and the development of one person is straightforward – you don’t need to follow the whole team data to understand how good the athlete is. The diversity of this sport is appealing to many too: jumping, running, throwing – you would definitely find something that is interesting for you. Moreover, there are a lot of new records set, and to be a part of this event online is a lot of fun.

The betting possibilities are wide, from predicting who might win in the particular event to suggesting a new record scorer. If you watch a major event then there’s even an option to place a bet on who will take home a gold medal.

Statistics and form of athletes is a major thing in athletics prediction, on par with monitoring weather conditions – especially if the event is set outdoors.

End quote

Having spent the minimum time researching you will find that the world of sports does not end with the «big three». Betting on lesser-known sports helps you to understand them more, it’s a lot of fun and always makes you think and strategise, which is a great skill to have. Try to enjoy what you do, watch more games, make only informed decisions and play responsibly – that’s the way to prosperity and happiness in your journey of discovering South African sports hidden gems.