Moreblessing Ali’s killer jailed 30 years 

Source: Moreblessing Ali’s killer jailed 30 years -Newsday Zimbabwe

A HIGH Court Judge yesterday sentenced Pius Mukandi, also known as Pius Jamba, to 30 years in jail for the murder of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist, Moreblessing Ali.

Ali’s body was cut into pieces and her remains were discovered in a disused well.

High Court judge Justice Esther Muremba delivered the 30-year sentence that was confirmed by the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe (NPAZ).

“Pias Mukandi alias Jamba, who was convicted for the murder of Moreblessing Ali on December 4, 2023 has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment by the Harare High Court,” the NPAZ statement read.

In court, Jamba denied the allegations arguing that he was used as a sacrificial lamb to cool down political tempers in the Nyatsime area following bloody clashes between Zanu PF and CCC supporters.

However, Justice Muremba said there was overwhelming evidence that Jamba was the only person who argued with Ali before she went missing.

The judge said Jamba’s warned and cautioned statement accurately matched the indications he made at the crime scene, confirming that he killed Ali. The judge said it was clear that the murder was not politically motivated.

Ali’s body was found dumped in a well in a decomposing state at Jamba’s mother’s homestead more than two weeks after she went missing.

The body was cut into pieces before it was stashed in sacks and dumped in a well.