Morgan Tsvangirai gets last minute invitation to inauguration

The MDC issued a statement last night confirming that an invitation to today’s inauguration of President Mnangagwa was delivered late last night to party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.  “Thanks to the Organizers for listening,” says the statement.

Tsvangarai had not been invited by late last night, although disgraced former president Mugabe and his wife Grace had been invited.

“As young Zimbabweans we must never allow again State functions to be politicized. We must be clear that State and Party Conflation must fall.

“President Morgan Tsvangirai is a former Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe , Hon Thokozani Khupe is the Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament. When the issue of their invitation was brought to ED he ordered the matter to be rectified.

“So let’s not judge him so far we know that there are still remnants and excitable Agents of the past system that will try to spoil things for ED let’s be on Guard to ensure that we don’t get back to that dark period of polarization in our country,” said the MDC.