Mozambique President Nyusi Meets HE Mnangagwa 

Source: Mozambique President Nyusi Meets HE Mnangagwa ⋆ Pindula News

The talks are centred on the situation in Cabo Delgado where insurgents massacred people in March 2021 in the city of Palma.

Recently the SADC Double TROIKA met in Maputo and agreed to assist the sisterly Republic of Mozambique to deal with the insurgency.

The two leaders are expected to be joined by their respective ministers in the official talks.

While SADC expressed concern over the armed conflict in Mozambique, no action has been taken, yet, to address the situation amid reports that Mozambique is not open to military action to “to protect its pride and sovereignty.”

President Mnangagwa previously indicated that Zimbabwe was ready to assist Mozambique to deal with the Islamic militants but emphasised that the Southern African cannot take any action alone as it has to be a SADC decision.

A number of foreign nationals, including Zimbabweans, have been killed in the conflict prompting observers to slam the “sluggish” SADC.