Mr President, even a husband who makes excuses for failing his family soon finds himself with divorce papers

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

Source: Mr President, even a husband who makes excuses for failing his family soon finds himself with divorce papers – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Thats is what the people of Zimbabwe have come to expect from their government, ever since coming to power in 1980 – after the country attained political independence from Britain.

Never has any meaningful period passed, without those who claim to be our leaders proffering some lame excuse to explain away, or justify why they have continually failed to deliver on promises made as far back as the country’s liberation struggle in the 1960s and 70s, up to today.

Three generations of Zimbabweans being subjected to endless lies and failures!

For as long as I can remember, we have always been given one reason or another, as to the appalling state of the country’s economy, as well as our unending suffering – from disgruntled Rhodesians, apartheid South Africa, and dissidents, to white commercial formers, sanctions imposed by the West, and saboteurs…all conspiring to bring down the ZANU PF regime.

I have come across my fair share of conspiracy theorists in my life, but this lot governing Zimbabwe easily takes the grand prize!

Nonetheless, what I have come to understand from life’s experiences is that – people do not eat excuses, and sooner or later they will become fed up, and kick out the party that is failing to fulfill its responsibilities…no matter how unjustifiable or justifiable these reasons may be.

That is just how life is.

What makes Zimbabwe a special case is that, those who find themselves getting the short end of these conspiracy theories, are always the ordinary citizenry – and, not those in power, and their hangers-on.

Such discrepancies naturally question the authenticity of all these claims of a regime which, for some inexplicable and strange reason, appears to be hated by so many, who are too eager to bring it down.

In fact, my father taught me a very powerful lesson when I was still a child – a person who always complains of being wronged by others, is usually the one who is the problem.

Be that as it may, the ever-suffering people of Zimbabwe will want to know how a country’s economy can be crippled, by alleged external and internal attacks, to the extent of only affecting the ordinary men, women, and children in the villages (including that boy the president stopped to greet through his car window), towns, and cities – yet, leaving the ruling elite, their families, and friends practically unscathed.

Would it not have made more sense if these crippling economic challenges – ostensibly caused by disgruntled Rhodesians, apartheid South Africa, dissidents, white commercial farmers, sanctions, and saboteurs – affected all of us in Zimbabwe?

Would it not have been more believable had even the president, and all those in the corridors of power – as well as their families and friends – also been feeling the pinch?

Yet, somehow, there is always enough money in the country to host million dollar birthday bashes, to build a US$85 million interchange (the most expensive in Africa), to charter private jets for those in power to seek medical attention in foreign lands, construct Hollywood-style mansions, and so much more frivolity – not to mention billions of unaccounted dollars from our mineral resources, and dubious tenders, with millions being stashed in unknown offshore accounts.

Where is all that money coming from if we are supposed to be under crippling economic sanctions?

Should we not also be hearing of the president failing to travel to the forthcoming United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (Scotland), due to lack of funds?

The people of Zimbabwe are very understanding, but they are certainly not fools.

Had these economic challenges also affected the ruling elite, we could have been more believing and understanding of the government’s excuses – although, we would, obviously, still thoroughly scrutinized whose fault it had been.

Let us say, a husband was failing to financially take care of his family – possibly citing genuine economic challenges facing the country – yet, he always seems to somehow find enough money to drink and party with his friends.

Would his family be expected to be understanding?

When his children are not going to school as a result of unpaid fees, he does not put food on the table, and his family may find themselves homeless due to outstanding rental payments – but, he is out every night at ‘gochi gochi’ (barbecuing), drinking himself to a pulp, and even fending for a ‘small house’ (extra-marital lover).

What is his wife expected to do?

To sit back and say, “Yes, the country is truly facing severe economic problems, that’s why we are also suffering?”

If she is normal, should she not immediately file for divorce?

As such, why are Zimbabweans not divorcing this cruel, uncaring, and evil regime?

Instead, we actually find those who defend, praise, and even glory their own oppression and suffering!

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