Mugabe And Wife Grace Heed To Mnangagwa’s Call Offer To Return $5 Billion

Mugabe And Wife Grace Heed To Mnangagwa’s Call Offer To Return $5 Billion

Source: Mugabe And Wife Grace Heed To Mnangagwa’s Call Offer To Return $5 Billion | ZimEye

Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe and his family have heeded President Munangagwa’s call to return externalized funds.

In his letter dated 7 January 2018, the Mugabe’s said they wanted to lead the way by returning funds to government coffers and appealed to other high profile government officials to follow suit. Mr Mugabe said he had not been pressured to take this move. He urged all Zimbabweans to work in harmony and support the incumbent President.

He also blasted his former spin doctor, Jonathan Moyo’s statement that the military’s intervention was a coup.’ The military were targeting criminals like Moyo, Kasukuwere,Chombo,Mphoko and others who had infiltrated the party.

Mugabe admitted that the so called G40 cabal led by Jonathan Moyo had endorsed former first lady Grace Mugabe to succeed him.

He however refused to divulge the whereabouts of his wife Grace, Patrick Zhuwawo and Kasukuwere.
It is unclear whether President Munangagwa will embrace Mugabe’s offer or if he will ask his predecessor to surrender more funds purportedly externalized.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba refused to comment on the latest development.- Agencies


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    Is this true or fake news?

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    So now you know, he did steal money.
    Only 10b$ to go………….

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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    Just have a look at the photograph above…and imagine…

    Robert, “Grace dear, I think it wise that we bring back that US$15 billion that we liberated and have hidden away in our secret bank accounts in Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore”.

    Grace, “Robert dear, are you mad? It took us those many many medical trips to these funny foreign places to gather and protect those nest eggs”.

    Robert, “But Grace dear, we will never in our life times use that huge pile of money”.

    Grace, “What are you saying? Have you gone senile on me? I am 43 years younger than you and I have my whole life, and many more husbands to accumulate before I leave this earth. And I also have a large number of kids and grand kids to think about”. And don’t forget about the financial help that will be needed by our Patrick and those two dear sweet boys Saviour and Jonathan.

    Robert, “All right dear, but can I now have a nappy change. I am a bit wet and I can feel that nasty rash coming back”.

    Grace,” OK. But let’s have no more of your nonsense about moving our external bank accounts”.

    Robert, “OK dear. Whatever you say”.

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    chimusoro 2 years ago

    They want the money back in the coffers because there is nothing left to steal!

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    lemco-du 2 years ago

    give them time to work out, 37yrs its not a joke guyz

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    JRR56 2 years ago

    Believe it when you see it.

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    Deklerk 2 years ago

    They must bring hard cash USD not transter or Eco-cash

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    Domingos Rui 2 years ago

    If this is true. Now we know where the $15b is… Ngavadzore mari yese…

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    Doris 2 years ago

    If he can afford to send that amount of money back how much more has he got stashed away? Come on………how the hell did he get that amount of money on a presidents salary?

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    Tiger Shona 2 years ago

    Africa’s big hero!!!All the states in Southern Africa, with the exception of Botswana supported him.
    Mnangagwa has a chance here to clean up the country. But dont hold your breath. He has his own track record to worry about.