Mugabe children thank Government

Source: Mugabe children thank Government | The Herald 19 SEP, 2019

Mugabe children thank GovernmentMrs Bona Mugabe-Chikore

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
Former President Robert Mugabe’s children, Mrs Bona Mugabe-Chikore and Robert Jnr, yesterday saluted the Government and everyone who has stood with them in their time of mourning.

The two also described Cde Mugabe as a fatherly figure who was admired across the world.

Mrs Mugabe-Chikore and Robert Jnr said this while addressing mourners at their rural home in Kutama Village, Zvimba.

First to take to the podium was Mrs Mugabe-Chikore, who thanked God for giving her father a long life.

“When I was growing up I knew that my father was an elderly man and was afraid that I would wake up one day to hear that he is sick or that he is no longer with us,” she said.

“So I prayed a lot for God to keep him at least so that I be able to graduate and then after (that) I prayed to God that he keeps him until I wed so that he would walk me down the aisle. Then I also prayed that he be kept alive that he at least sees only one of my children; now he saw two of them.

“So I thank God for his life because it was so blessed even though it was difficult. There are people like that who are placed here on earth and whose lives may seem like they are suffering, but in reality their suffering benefited millions of people so I am grateful to God for his life.

“I want to thank all of you who have come to mourn with us and Government for its assistance, but most of all, I want to thank our mother. She has been on our father’s side throughout, even in sickness.”

Mr Mugabe said the death of his father had made him realise the impact he had across the world.

“The loss of our father has made me realise what type of a man he was. He was not only a father to us as his children or a husband to our mother, but he was a father to the nation and the whole of Africa,” he said.

“The whole world came to a standstill when he died and the coming of many leaders from across the world made me realise what kind of a man our father was. The impact that he had not only in the country, but all over the world, is something that I admire. Despite the criticisms he received from the British and other countries, he was still admired by many.”

Mr Mugabe added that even those who did not like him, also admired him for his values and what he stood for.

The former President’s body was later returned to his Blue Roof residence yesterday.


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    Pissed 3 years ago

    Even IN Death the Mugabes are still eating from the trough at the Expense of the Zimbabwean people .They cant even go quietly .Disgusting family

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    Unbelievable 3 years ago

    Is Bona joking ? Or is this article Fake News.? She is deluded. What makes her believe the whole world came to a standstill Surely she is living on another Planet. Perhaps it is fake news After all. Has to be .Give the article the benefit of the doubt.

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    I am crying for poor little defenceless Bona and her little baby brother Robert…

    I lie of course.

    If ever there were spoiled, evil and brattish children it was Mugabe’s brood of three…well, ones that had free access to Zimbabwe’s wealth by luckily being branded as his. They lived extravagant and wicked lifestyles that they threw in our faces while we struggled to put food on the table for our barefoot and hungry children.

    Let’s then hear less of their hollow words and instead let them go out into this cruel world and honestly earn their own living…like all the rest of us have had to do under those many years of wicked mismanagement by their crazy father and even crazier mother.

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    Strip them down the underclothes, seize credit cards etc and expel them.