Mugabe elected SADC deputy chair

via Mugabe elected SADC deputy chair | Radio Dialogue by: Zenzele Ndebele August 18, 2013

President Robert Mugabe has been elected as Southern African Development Community (SADC) deputy chairperson a development that has dealt MDC-T  a heavy blow.

This comes amid reports that Mugabe would be sworn in on Thursday.

Mugabe was elected by other head of states in Malawi during a SADC 33rd meeting.

Mugabe now deputises Malawi president Joyce Banda.

According to SADC operations, Mugabe is now part of the powerful Trioka which comprises of the current SADC Summit Chairperson, deputy and the immediate previous Chairperson.

The Troika System vests authority in this group to take quick decisions on behalf of SADC that are ordinarily taken at policy meetings scheduled at regular intervals, as well as providing policy direction to SADC Institutions in between regular SADC Summits.

The Troika system operates at the level of the Summit, the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security, the Council of Ministers and the Standing Committee of Senior Officials.

The development means that Zimbabwe will next year assume full control of SADC chairmanship.

With Mugabe at the decision making position of SADC, it would be difficult for MDC-T to force the country to be included in future SADC agenda.



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    Masimba Zata 9 years ago

    What a difference a day makes. Who saw this coming on 30 July? MT’s very poor intelligence department within the MDC certainly didn’t!

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      Rudadiso 9 years ago

      It’s not about Morgan Tsvangirai. It’s about Zimbabwe Masimba. Will the geriatric who presided over the collapse of the economy be good for Zim when all he knows is how to destroy, plunder and insult western countries?

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    Does the rest of the African continent not see that Mugabe being nominated the Chairmanship of the SADC is akin to voting in Hitler as the Head of the United Nations, had he survived!! What a joke, I hope the European Union and the rest of the Western World can now see what opposition parties in Zimbabwe are up against, apart from Botswana, the SADC is nothing more than a splinter group from that old club of African “rule forever” Dictators, the OAU.
    Mugabe is going down the same road as Idi Amin but with a little more finesse. Those Zimbabweans that are avid supporters of Zanupf should hopefully realise that Zanupf only cares about Zanupf and that they are running Zimbabwe like it is their private Company, whilst keeping the masses happy with a few stolen hand outs. Zanupf has a partner in all this, the Chinese.
    Know this, the Chinese may be communist, but when it comes to its overseas investments, it is more capitalist and profit driven than the Western world, China will control the purse strings in Zimbabwe in a few short years!

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      Demba Temba 9 years ago

      They already control finances in the USA. Europe already cowtows to China for a few favors. Tell me of any serious European company that is not strongly connected to China. There is none.

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    There are elections both in Malawi and South Africa, and I believe they expect to gain a lot as how rigging of elections is done.

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    Wayne Wigga 9 years ago

    Did we expect anything less from the SADC Boys club. Joyce who seemed to buck the ‘system’, is very slowly showing her true colors. Zimbabwe your destiny is out of your hands I am afraid.

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      hatinete 9 years ago

      You are not wrong to say what you think about us Zimbabweans. Our destiny for our country is not yet outside our hands Wigan God has something great for us Zimbabweans that he arranged for us in just moment to come. You will see what God has prepared for us Zimbabweans. If you want mark my words you will contact me in few days or years to come.

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        Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

        What has “God” prepared for you? “He” has already allowed you to suffer for 33 years.

        Wake up. “God” will not save you. You either save yourselves or you will suffer, it’s as simple as that.

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          sad man of God 9 years ago

          May God rebuke u in whatever you do never decrease our God’s action

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        I heard the same drivel when the farms were taken. Watch this space and see the disaster about to unravel. The problem Africa has is they are not willing to work for these things, rather take, promise to pay then renege. Its what I call dishonesty. SADC by electing a 90 year old sick man who almost ruined the entire region to be their leader is laughably typical.

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          American 8 years ago

          The mdc-t and their detractors are still smarting over the beatings and humiliation they suffered at the hands of ZanuPf. It is absolutely important that the remaining farms be taken away from the historical thieves and gangsters that constituted the racist settler regime in your country. More importantly, it is high time for the government to put it’s stamp on the sovereignty and ownership of the entire conservancy and turn it over to the Zimbabwean people to make a living for themselves and their families and put an end once and for all the useless and senseless bickering.

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    Zanu pf chiororo. It does not matter how mdc ignoramuses show their stupidity & lack of understanding of international relations. The sobering reality is zanu pf & President Mugabe won the elections. Only a. Psychiatric mdc activist would contest a 61 – 34 crushing victory

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      Don’t understand you mwana wabob…have you ever seen how pipo are suffering in Zim…and u still continu to support ur uncle…I bet u didn’t go to xool

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    hatinete 9 years ago

    I would come to a certain thoughts when people need something at a particular time of which that would not come as per expected. Let me share you with something. When God see’s that this fruit is not yet ripe for that fruit to be eaten he creates time for it to be the best fruit ever. Mark my words we Zimbabweans we are going to be in the highest glory in just moment to come. Every body will be cherish in our mothers land. God is great he will never dump us at all. Zimbabweans life is simply similar with TV programs where by today or this our or minutes they will be good film to watch and next film is not nice to watch even you will switch off the TV or walk out from the room. This is what is happening some they are saying this film is bad some are saying this is the best film. So your timeline is their waiting for you keep your head eyes fingers ahead God will show you one day. If you believe what I am saying you will see your timeline of joy and glory flowing towards you. Ndatenda zvangu in the Might name of his Glory in Jesus name.

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    Oh wow…take courage Zimbabwe…. it’s always the darkest before the dawn!!!!

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    What is SADC anyway? Ko nhai chimbondiudzaiwo basa re SADC..vakaitei? the sooner we realise kuti SADC inongovawo organisation isina basa the better….

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    “It is no good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the innocent of justice.” Proverbs 18:5

    “Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honour.” Proverbs 18:12

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    jongwe power 9 years ago

    When will the so-called idiots who keep chanting that “things will get better” and “put your faith in God” just shut up already? How much more proof do they need that SADC won’t do jack to solve our problems? Looks like God fully endorses Zanu-PF, because nothing seems to be stopping its path. Look at it go as it gets a chance to rule over an entire regional bloc!

    Seriously, do these blind optimists even LIVE in Africa?

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    To Jongwe Power…. take courage… what the Lord has spoken will come to pass…..who is God that He should be mocked…..

    “Be sure of this: The wicked will not go unpunished, but those who are righteous will go free.” Proverbs 11:21

    “Wicked men are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm.” Proverbs 12:7

    “Evil men will bow down in the presence of the good, and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.” Proverbs 14:19

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    To Jongwe Power,

    “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

    “The Lord is far from the wicked but He hears the prayer of the righteous.” Proverbs 15:29

    “The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.” Proverbs 16:10

    “Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.” Proverbs 10: 12

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    To Jongwe Power,

    “Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of the wicked, for the evil man has no future hope, and the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out.” Proverbs 24:19

    “To show partiality in judging is not good:
    Whoever says to the guilty, ‘You are innocent’ – peoples will curse him and nations denounce him. But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come upon them.” Proverbs 24:23

    “When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.” Proverbs 28:28

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    To Jongwe Power,

    Yes, I live in Zimbabwe….. I was born here and have lived here my whole life…. I am with you….we all feel frustrated and its hard to keep going when it seems like evil continuously prevails!!! BUT take heart….. God’s timing is not our timing…..remember His ways are not ours…. don’t lose your faith and hope….. let these scriptures encourage you….

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    Mike Moyo 9 years ago

    The SADC Chairmanship and deputy chair are one year annual rotation. Why is everyone behaving as if Bob won a popularity contest or an election to get to be deputy Chairperson? Joseph Kabila was SADC chairperson from Aug 2009 – Aug 2010, and that was not an endorsement of his democratic credentials, it was bu default as president of DRC whose turn had come to take over the rotating chairmanship. Similarly with Bob.

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    “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous BUT terror to evildoers.” Proverbs 21:15

    Don’t you just love scripture!!!!

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    Be encouraged Zimbabwe….justice ALWAYS comes…… just don’t sin in your anger….. guard your hearts, keep your way pure, love God and love your neighbour as yourself…. vengeance is the Lord’s, NOT ours!

    Get excited….for the day of the Lord is coming soon….watch and see what the Lord shall do.

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    “Do not envy wicked men, do not desire their company; for their hearts plot violence, and their lips talk about making trouble.” Proverbs 24:1-2

    But Zimbabwe, remember…..

    “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn His wrath away from him.” Proverbs 24:17-18

    Take note…..

    “A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.” Proverbs 29:11

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

    Adi, you are the kind of fool easily distracted by a book of fairy stories. No wonder Zimbabwe suffers, people like you keep expecting “God” to save you instead of rising up against the dictator and his cronies.

    I have a quote for you: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein.

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    eztechplc 9 years ago

    I guess thus the best position for our zimbabwean president……he now has to police others……the chickens are coming home for roasting……lets give it a couple of weeks.

    Congraz, Zanu Pf, congraz Presideng Mugabe……long live the liberation struggle…..

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    To Sad Zimbo,

    Have you not been reading everything I have written?….. it answers every comment you have made…..

    I don’t have to defend the Bible and I don’t have to defend God….. let the truth speak for itself…… I pray that your spiritual eyes will be opened.

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

    Adi, tell me how quoting passages from a fairy story will save Zimbabwe? The REAL truth speaks for itself. Zimbos have been suffering for decades despite your prayers. THAT is the TRUTH, not some foolish idea you imagine in your head.

    You say things like “Be encouraged Zimbabwe….justice ALWAYS comes”. Oh really? If that was true then where was the justice at the stolen 2008 election? Where was justice when the courts just proclaimed the 2013 elections free and fair?

    You are deluded, looking to religion for answers when you should be taking action.

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    Hi Sad Zimbo,

    I totally understand where u r coming from and your deductions are logical…. first of all if you don’t believe scripture is the inspired Word of God, then we don’t really have a platform to discuss from…. but let me say this…… justice sometimes doesn’t always come immediately, or even in our lifetime….but trust me it WILL come, I know this is SO hard coz we want to see justice NOW!!!! ….even if it’s in the life after this one….know what I mean?

    Hey, I totally agree with you about wanting to take action….. I am human and my flesh is jst itching for revenge, to do SOMETHING instead of jst “seemingly” sitting round doing nothing…. so what can I personally do that will help make a difference in my country?
    Well, I can make sure my life is right with God, I can (with His strength) try and love my neighbour as myself, I can PRAY for this nation and its leaders (prayer is powerful, and none of our prayers go unheard by God)…. I am not God and only He knows fit how to answer them……sometimes His answer is “no”, sometimes its “yes” and sometimes its “not now”

    Do I feel like God is leading me to take to the streets, and start protesting or even getting violent? Well, not really (even though my flesh wud love to take revenge NOW!!!) So I have to stay calm and peaceful, hold onto His promises and be obedient when He speaks to me….we have to be the light in the darkness…leading people to God….bringing the Kingdom of God to people…. God is sometimes more interested in people turning to Him, giving their lives to Him and being saved, than to magically jst instantly solve every problem…..He will give us the strength to endure and to come out stronger for it..

    So I am not saying we shud jst sit around doing nothing, being taken advantage of….so maybe we shud pray, “Lord in this crisis that jst seems to go on and on and on…..what wud u have me do? Show me my part in it…I want to be an instrument of peace and forgiveness and I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

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    Sad Zimbo,

    At times it seems that God has let evil run rampant in the world, and we wonder if He even notices it. But God sees everything clearly – both the evil actions and the evil intentions lying behind them. He is not an indifferent observer. He cares and is active in our world. Right now, His work may be unseen and unfelt, but don’t give up. One day He will wipe out evil and punish the evildoers, just as He will establish the good and reward those who do His will.

    We don’t have all the answers and sometimes hanging onto our faith is really hard…..I believe, if you sincerely pray, God will show u how to channel your frustrations and justified anger into something really possitive, that WILL make a +ve difference in Zimbabwe! Go for it……do it!!!!!

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

    Adi, please show me one example of “God” performing a miracle to overthrow a dictator. You say “One day He will wipe out evil and punish the evildoers, just as He will establish the good and reward those who do His will.” That’s the same nonsense Christians have been saying for hundreds, if not thousands of years. When are you going to wake up and realise, ONE DAY NEVER COMES.

    If you wait for “God” to solve your problems you will wait forever. YOU must BE the solution.

    PS. I am spiritual, I just don’t believe in any organised religions, and I certainly don’t believe words written down thousands of years ago, then translated and re-translated over and over losing their meaning every time, have a place in our society today.

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    To Sad Zimbo,

    I understand what you are saying but because you don’t believe in scripture, it’s hard to discuss… so let’s say scripture is the truth…. if you look in the Bible (especialy in the old testament) there are many occassions where God dealt harshly with evil Kings and rulers! (in His timing of course…God is a gracious and merciful God and He doesn’t want anyone to perish, which is why He made a way for salvation by coming to earth and dying in our place, to take the punishment for our sins etc….so we see Him giving people chance after chance to change their ways, to repent and turn to Him….but eventually that day comes when justice is served (either on this earth or once they die…..or both!!!)
    Sometimes God doesn’t even have to intervene, coz evil and sin eventually take their course and it always ends in death…. also spiritual death, which is eternal separation from God.

    But I just want to say that my belief and faith in God and the Bible etc is not jst a dead religion of mine…. that’s why our personal testimonies are very powerful and effective and no~one can take it away from us….

    Let me explain…. I have personally experienced God in my life in real, powerful ways….my relationship with Him is real and dynamic….. I can’t deny it…God is my everything and I love Him with everything I am….I have experienced miracles, healings etc the list goes on and I have experienced and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is true and powerful…. I have seen it in my own life…..

    So when someone like you, for example, challenges me on it…’s weird because I just know that I know that I know that its truth….. its not head knowledge for me….. I have a living breathing daily relationship with the Almighty God….and nobody can take that away from me…. or try and convince me otherwise…. know what I mean?

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

    “so let’s say scripture is the truth”

    No, let’s not. Let’s be honest, scripture was written by men, not God. You can claim they were “divinely inspired” or whatever makes you feel that those words are more ligitimate but they are nothing but human interpretation of ideas / feelings / thoughts / spirit.

    “it’s weird because I just know that I know that I know that its truth”

    Which is exactly what every muslim, hindu, jehova’s witness, buddhist monk and scientologist says. You all think you’re right, you all think your truth is the one and only truth. How can all of you be right, and so sure of your rightness?

    Just because a child really, really, really believes in Santa Claus doesn’t make Him exist other than in the child’s mind.

    You still haven’t answered my question. Please, show me an example of “God” intervening to remove a dictator from power.

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    Sad Zimbo….

    Everything you said is logical and by looking around at the world, is a natural conclusion to come to….

    I remember before I gave my life to Jesus, I asked the exact same questions that u r asking ie. “How do I know that Jesus is God, how do I know for sure that He is the only way to God? How do I know that the muslims aren’t right, or the Hindus aren’t right? Etc. All I knew is that I wanted to have God in my life…..

    I agree….there has to be ONE truth in this world…all these different religions DO NOT believe the same things….and we can’t say it’s all the same God….they contradict each other and are very different…

    So if there is one God…and all the religions of the world are correct and “all” paths lead to God (as some like to believe) then either God is a total lunatic and very unfair for confusing all of us, by apparently revealing Himself to us in so many contradicting ways. OR there really is just ONE truth… which one is it????

    I believe that there is ONE ABSOLUTE truth and God wants all of us to find it…. He gives us all equal chance and opportunity to find and choose Him…..

    Now when we deal with spiritual things and things of the spirit…its hard to discuss or argue in the flesh….. ie only the Spirit of God can open our eyes and reveal these things to us, otherwise it is like we are blind, walking around with scales over our eyes and it doesn’t make sense….but when you invite God into your heart….”BAM!”…its like your eyes become open to things of the spirit…He begins to teach/show/reveal things to you….so unless you’ve experienced it, its hard to explain!

    Again I say….without FAITH it is impossible to please God…. what is faith?

    FAITH is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

    Being sure and certain…. the beginning point of faith is believing in God’s character – He is who He says He is. The end point is believing in God’s promises – He will do what He says He will do. When we believe that God will fulfil His promises even though we don’t see those promises materialising yet, we demonstrate true faith.

    God is amazing coz He says He actually gives to each person a measure of faith to even believe He exists in the first place….so there is no excuse to say I don’t have enough faith to believe God exists……then from there, its up to us to grow our faith!!! The bible says that the beautiful creation around us speaks of God’s power and might and shows us that He exists!

    Sometimes God asks us to jst take a leap of faith and trust and believe Him, even when we haven’t got it all figured out or it doesn’t make sense in our flesh, or when we don’t have all the answers.

    I want to address yr question about God removing dictators etc.In some ways that is quite a hard question, because when we’ve seen evil leaders and rulers fall from power (anyone can argue and say that it was the hand of God or it wasn’t?)

    I will continue later…I also want to look up Bible time and modern time dictators etc will get back to you…..

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      Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

      You are quite arrogant to think you can possibly know any “one absolute truth”. Every other religious person says the same thing “I have the right truth, the others are wrong”. And like you they truly believe the propaganda they have bought into.

      I was raised a Christian but luckily I was smart enough to realise early on that the teachings of that religion are a very warped interpretation of spirit and God, as are all other religions.

      You talk of faith in your saviour Jesus, yet ZPF supporters have faith that Mugabe is their saviour and they truly believe his propaganda.

      Please, no quotes or extracts from the bible. I want an example of God intervening with a dictators rule in recent history where facts are verifiable.

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    Okay….before we discuss the dictator issue…. let me ask you a question… to me it is logical that in this world there has to be ONE truth about how this world/universe and everything we know came into being…..

    For example…. the sky is blue, or gravity….that is a fact the world over…. that is ONE truth that is just the truth…. so it doesn’t matter if I choose to believe it or not…. or even try and ignore it…. it’s a fact….it’s the truth ~ the sky is the colour blue whether I like it or not…. it’s absolute!!

    So I believe there is the one truth about how we came to exist, whether we have a creator or not, and His plan and purpose for us.

    The Lord says, “Seek Me with all your heart and you will find Me!”

    So God actually wants you to find the absolute truth!!!! He wants you to find Him, He wants you to find peace…He wants to lead you, to love you and to show you His incredible plan for your life…. why were you created? You were created for Him…. to love and worship and adore Him… God is an intimate God, He is a God of relationship.

    So I don’t think I am being arrogant or a fool….. all I am is a human on earth searching for the truth! And I believe I have found it in God…as He has and is continously revealing Himself to me!!!

    So what is your idea of truth…what are your belief systems?

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      Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

      My belief system is complicated. I have taken bits from various belief systems and philosophies that work for me. Since you’ve quoted so much from the bible I’ll mention some quote from a belief system that I mostly agree with:

      “A person’s private experience happens in the context of his psychological and biological status’ and basically cannot be separated from his religious and philosophical beliefs and sentiments, and his cultural environment and political framework” – Seth

      The sky is blue? Are you sure? When a snake looks at the sky what do they see?

      “The physical world that you recognize is made up of invisible patterns. These patterns are plastic, in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness. Your senses perceive these patterns in their own ways.” – Seth

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    Do you think that we all just fumble through life…. not really knowing why we are here or where we are heading?

    If there is a God… a God who created us etc then surely He would want to reveal Himself to His creation? Or is He hiding Himself from us?

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    Sad Zimbo….. yr question is quite hard…. okay….. let’s say I come up with a dictator who I feel was removed by God……then who’s to say it was God…some might say it was, some might say it wasn’t…….

    You are going to have to help me coz I am not too sure of my history (correct me if I am wrong?)…..excuse spelling? Sadam Hussein? I can’t think of their names, but I know there have been quite a number of European Dictators……Hitler? Who was Idi Amin? Kadafi/Gadafi? Fidel Castro? I need to see how these rulers’ reign was ended?

    Wasn’t Sadam Hussein beheaded?
    Did Hitler commit suicide?

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      Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

      Hitler committed suicide after being told that the English had invaded Berlin. Hussein was taken out by the Americans who basically invaded Iraq to take over their oil.

      Read up your history. Pretty much every dictator has been removed by force. You can pray all you like but “God” is never going to remove Mugabe from power. Only people can do that.

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    Wow….. interesting… you are saying there has to be an uprising….where God might even use people to physically remove him and bring judgement on the dictator?

    So who is going to lead this uprising?

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    Do we agree that it has to come from the majority… ?

    Now (I know you won’t probably believe what I am going to say) but God has spoken (through prophesy )about Zimbabwe through these years….I wish I could copy/write them out for you…..but basically He has said/promised:-

    I will mention a few things, then write more later…

    * He spoke (in the ’90s) of the difficult times Zim wud face, “but at least the infrastructure will stay intact.”
    * Then of future hope, of how Zim one day will be a flourishing nation again, a light to other nations, a GOOD leader amongst Africa, He spoke of the amazing peace that will hover over Zim, even during these terrible times, in other words we would expect that by now there would be violence and an uprising…..but strangely peace will remain???? The devil will think he has won, he will want to prvoke the people, but peace will remain?
    * There will be great rejoicing in the land when they lay his body to rest in the land that he so fought for!
    * God will raise up a leader with a heart for the people.

  • comment-avatar

    Your quotes are interesting and thought provoking.

    Okay… I have found it….please bare with me as I type this out for you…it is a prophesy given in 1998…. further down it will mention the “peace” that reigns…

    “The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe and I see a powerful torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish.
    I see that there are strongholds in the church of division and the accuser of the brethren (satan) is active to discourage souls.
    An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first and men following.
    I see ancient thrones coming down, reconciliation between black and white, the spirit of racism which goes back further down to the tribes.

    I will use Zimbabwe like a jewel; she will help feed the world with beautiful produce. God will break the curse that came through civil war……. the curse will be broken. The land will produce beautiful beef. New factories will be built.

    Zimbabwe has the minisrty of reconciliation that reunites the African people. The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe. Do not be afraid of the change.
    Although it looks like you are going backwards. I have a plan for you.

    Satan thinks he is advancing but I will expose wickedness at high levels.

    Do not be afraid. Satan will try to bring war; this army will be used to stop war and bloodshed.

    A treaty will be written with other nations. Zimbabwe will be used like Switzerland to bring the healing of nations to break ancient things. Your nation came through trickery, but God will restore it.

    You will be given a piece of land, a beautiful place to pray. You will build a place to watch and pray. It will be like a compound with a place to sleep. The Annas will give their lives for intercession. Senior citizens will have places to stay and give their time to pray day and night.”

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      Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

      To be honest Adi, to me that whole prophesy seems like a cop out. There’s nothing mentioned there that isn’t kinda obvious. To me it’s like one of those silly horoscopes that tell you “soon you will be contacted by a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while”.

      It also sounds a lot like the things people have been saying for 20 or more years. At what point will you think “maybe this prophecy isn’t true”? Mind you since you believe the whole “Jesus will return” thing over 2000 years after it was predicted it doesn’t surprise me if you take this prophecy on board.

  • comment-avatar

    Sad Zimbo,
    Have been without internet….will reply as soon as I am back on line…

  • comment-avatar

    Will reply tomorrow….jst to let u know this prophesy was given by Cindy Jacobs in Guatemala city, Gautemala on October 30, 1998…she is a lady who had never been to Zimbabwe before and knew nothing about Zim when she received this prophesy!!!!

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