Mugabe Frustrating Resignation Talks Demands For a Full-Fledged Coup

Source: Mugabe Frustrating Resignation Talks Demands For a Full-Fledged Coup | ZimEye

Staff Reporter | Initial reports from the ongoing talks between President Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for him to step down indicate that the 93 year old President is refusing to step down telling the army to execute a full-fledged coup if they want to remove him.

According to reports from sources amongst the liberation war fighters privy to the ongoing talks, Mugabe keeps frustratingly changing his position on his resignation draining patience out of the negotiating team.

The sources indicate that Mugabe had initially agreed to step down and laid down conditions for his stepping down before changing his stance when the signature document was brought to him to sign insisting that he was not stepping down.

It is understood that President Mugabe has so far insisted that he cannot step down and  legitimise an army coup from the frustrated negotiators.

War Veterans leader Victor Matemadanda announced early Sunday morning that Mugabe had agreed to resign which according to the sources was indeed Mugabe’s last position to the Generals last night before shockingly changing his stance on Sunday morning when it was time to sign the agreement.

Following Saturday’s huge citizen march against Mugabe, the cornered President maybe believing that his only recourse could be to use foreign intervention from African Union and SADC forces. The bodies have a standing resolution to resist any military coup against a government of a member state.

The military maintains that their action is not a coup effectively cutting off any international pressure to intervene in the crisis. The army is claiming to be using constitutional means to resolve the political crisis.

Saturday’s civilian march also came up handy to lend some legitimacy to the military’s stance that the transition process was not being a coup.

The biggest blow to Mugabe could be delivered by the central committee of his ruling Zanu-PF which is locked in a meeting on Sunday to pass a resolution to expel him as demanded by the ten provinces of the party.