MUGABE SATANISM- Thomas Mapfumo Warns Against Garwe Demon Worship 

MUGABE SATANISM- Thomas Mapfumo Warns Against Garwe Demon Worship 

Source: MUGABE SATANISM- Thomas Mapfumo Warns Against Garwe Demon Worship | ZimEye

By Dorrothy Moyo | Chimurenga Music guru, Thomas Mapfumo has warned fellow musicians against getting carried away writing songs that idolize human beings.

He was specific and said he means national leaders.

Mapfumo’s warning comes against the backdrop of the Jah Prayzah frenzy which has seen Emmerson Mnangagwa being praised beyond the human conscience.

The elderly Mapfumo said this is what eventually led to the former President Robert Mugabe becoming difficult to remove.

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“Kind request to all our musicians: Let us avoid music that idolizes our national leaders. Ndozvakazoita kuti VaMugabe vazvione semusiki,,” said Mapfumo.


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    Whizz 5 years ago

    I like Mapfumo but he is one of the people who sang Gandaga uchariziva here ukariwona..Ririkutonga Zimbabwe yaro

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    Ephraim Nhema 5 years ago

    Idle minds are opportunistic and exploitative in nature. Keeping in constant touch with current political pulse is noble if do in Righteousness. All the rest of us (subjects) are expected to pray for our Leadership (not against); unfortunately, ONLY prayers of “the Righteous availeth much”. We need to humble ourselves before the Lord God in order that “our Land” receives healing eternally. Mr Thomas Mapfumo is right. During the colonial era it was expedient for the oppressed not to loose focus, then. He became popular. Later on the very same African singer became unpopular as well. I don’t have to mention the pertinent songs in both political epochs as an unschooled political novice and musically defunct.
    Hats off to every Zimbabwean for being peaceful!
    Africa, own yourself; remove ALL European borders from the African soil unconditionally.