Mugabe speaking on ZTV

President Robert Mugabe is now addressing the nation on ZTV – flanked by General Constantine Chiwenga on one side and Fr Fidelis Mukonori on the other. Also in the line up is Commissioner of Police Augustine Chihuri. We hope to bring you the text soon. at the moment he is just waffling on and on.

Mugabe: Fellow Zimbabweans we are nation born out of a protracted struggle for national independence.
Mugabe: Open public spats between high ranking officials in the party… made the criticisms levelled against us inescapable
Mugabe: In respect of the party and the party issues raised.. these too stand acknowledged.
The way forward thus cannot be based on vying cliques that ride roughshod over party rules and procedures.
I am aware that as a party of liberation – Zanu-PF has written elaborate rules and procedures


Mugabe: We must all recognise that their participation in the war (veterans) exacted life-long costs.