Mugabe Was Smarter Than Mnangagwa, Hungwe Blows Out

Source: Mugabe Was Smarter Than Mnangagwa, Hungwe Blows Out | ZimEye

Ray Nkosi | In his last days in power ousted President Robert Mugabe managed to outsmart his rivals in the ruling Zanu PF party, causing them to opt for military action.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces early November surreptiously seized power ending Mugabe’s almost four decades rule, with a senior minister coming out to reveal this was the only way smart Mugabe and his G-40 could be removed.

Local media reports that the newly-appointed Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Josaya Hungwe stunned party members during a Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) meeting when he revealed that Team Lacoste faction had to use the army after they had been outsmarted by Generation 40 (G40) faction.

Hungwe added that the defeat by G40 was a clear indication that former president Robert Mugabe was smarter than his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
The Masvingo Godfather revealed that the reason why the military ‘stepped in’ to elbow out Mugabe and the G40 faction was because Mnangagwa and Lacoste faction had completely failed.
Mugabe who has been under house arrest has for the first time been allowed to leave the country to seek medical treatment in the Far East. While Mugabe’s former spokesperson refused to comment on his trip, the local Newsday reports that,

Mugabe will make a stopover in Malaysia, where his daughter Bona is expecting a second child, before leaving for Singapore for his routine medical check-up. Sources revealed that the UM1 yesterday had a scheduled 20- hour flight.

The 93-year-old ex-leader’s former aide and now Mnangagwa’s spokesperson and Information ministry permanent secretary, George Charamba, could not give details, saying he was not in touch with Mugabe anymore.


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    Kutama 5 years ago

    Both the ex President and the current President were very busily involved in the Gukuruhundi. The ex President was given a Knighthood for his wonderful services to humanity. The current President is no fool. When tried in Court for the murder of Piet Oberholzer there was conjecture that the current President was only 17 when the murder occurred in 1964 and there was doubt over his birth year. It was thought to have been 1947. The Press now indicates that the current President was born in 1942 – and that he is aged 75? The Court hearing was held 53 years ago. Within twenty years both the ex and the current Presidents had been the main players in the Gukuruhundi with the assistance of Enos Nkala and Perence Shiri. This was not an innocent farmer driving home with his wife and children being stabbed to death. No, this was the Fifth Brigade with all the bells and whistles – carrying out a full blown Genocide. Now, there is a Zanu propaganda machine in full swing to say that the Genocide is all in the past,. Watch that Zanu propaganda space. Similarly, Zanu and Mugabe were not the target of the coup! It was the Zanu elements around them!!

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      Chatham House 5 years ago

      The next part of the comedy could be when the modern day Cleopatra of Gushingo becomes the Crocodile’s mistress and lover – to protect her wealth and her offspring? Watch that space as well?

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    gomba 5 years ago

    She will if course turn over to expose her clitoral assets in exchange for the loot.

    Zanu Pf is a fossilized party that can never develop, not even a tuck shop.

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    Ndonga 5 years ago

    Mugabe Was Smarter Than Mnangagwa…??? Nonsense. I have a four year old child that is much smarter than Mugabe!!!

    If Mugabe was so bloody smart why did he force the Zimbabwe economy to crash and burn…

    For goodness sake, if he was at least a little bit clever he would have done something to stop that 37 year tragedy that we were all forced to live through.

    When our true history is written Mugabe will be depicted as a megalomaniac who should have been kicked out of office by at least the mid 80s. There were even empty beds ready for him at Ingutsheni in Bulawayo.

    For example, who can ever forget that time when he bowed to that large photograph of himself when he was being driven in an open vehicle before us, his adoring fans…we should have realised then that he was mad.

    He was, and is a fool, and we were all too cowardly to shield our country from his madness…and then to crown it all he married a mad woman, with the same disease as he had.