Mugabe yet to move out of official residence

Mugabe yet to move out of official residence

Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe, still has belongings at Zimbabwe House five months after he was ousted from power, according to a government official.

Source: Mugabe yet to move out of official residence – ENCA

Former Zimbambwean president Robert Mugabe has yet to move out of an official residence in Harare five months after he was ousted from power. Photo: Reuters / Stringer

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe, has yet to move out of an official residence in Harare five months after he was ousted from power, an official said Thursday.Presidential spokesman George Charamba said Mugabe had still had not removed his belongings from Zimbabwe House, a residential wing next to the presidential offices at State House.”We are already using State House, but what he failed to do since November (is move out of Zimbabwe House),” Charamba told AFP, confirming that Mugabe had kept his books, computers and other belongings at the premises.Mugabe and his family actually lived in the “Blue Roof ” mansion, a lavish private house in the suburbs during the later years of his presidency.

“We don’t want to create the impression that we are chasing him away,” Charamba said, adding that Mugabe, 94, was currently in Singapore for one of his regular health checks.

Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe for 38 years after independence from Britain, complained last month that he was thrown out of office by a coup.

His claim drew a dismissive response from his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, who said the country had “moved on” from the Mugabe era.

The army briefly took over before Mugabe resigned when once-loyal Zanu-PF members of parliament started impeachment proceedings against him.

Mugabe’s authoritarian reign left the country in dire economic decline, triggering mass emigration and widespread collapse of public services.


  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 6 years ago

    Put that old fools belongings out on the lawn and tell him to come and collect if he wants them.

    This is the same thing that he did to many of his own people when he was boss.

    Then let’s forget him and move on and get Zimbabwe working again.

    The longer we pander to him, the longer it will take us to repair all the damage he did to us as a people.

    • comment-avatar
      Doris 6 years ago

      Ndonga, you took the words out of my mouth, except all our belongings were thrown on the main road so there was a free for all grabbing.

  • comment-avatar
    Dougie Pinchen 6 years ago

    How are they going to resolve the standard of his lawn-laying?
    Interestingly I thought about negotiating a Property Maintenance contract to upgrade the service the President got because it was very shoddy. This was on inspection of his pictures on You Tube that seemed to suggest improvements were needed because the truly indigenous gardeners were making a hash of it. However I ran it bureaucry even with the Air Force when I suggested my company could upgrade their airfields by beautifying them with colourful flowers so the Aircrew always feel welcome returning to base. I thought this was a very encouraging suggestion, but I received no pay.