Mujuru launches manifesto in Dotito 

Source: Mujuru launches manifesto in Dotito – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 21, 2018

PEOPLE’S Rainbow Coalition (PRC) leader, Joice Mujuru on Saturday took her campaign trail to her rural home in Dotito, Mt Darwin, where she launched her coalition’s election manifesto dubbed Inclusive Developmental Agenda (Idea).


Mujuru said the manifesto speaks to creation of jobs, although she could not disclose the number of jobs they were hoping to create when elected to power this year.
“We do not, in our manifesto, promise the actual number of jobs to be created, Zanu PF are liars, but I can assure you that we will create more than just millions of jobs,” she said.

Mujuru, who was hounded out of Zanu PF after serving 36 years in former President Robert Mugabe’s government as a Cabinet minister and Vice-President, said she will seek to usher in a new governance system when elected.

“May I start by noting that the 2018 elections presents us with a chance to usher in a new era, an era where all Zimbabweans, across age groups, bloodlines, colour lines, poverty lines, party lines, religious lines and academic lines, will enjoy shared destiny and shared prosperity in a context of popular democracy in place of the current coup government,” she said.

Mujuru’s manifesto anchors on reviving the public and private sector through weeding out corruption and ramping up a culture of good governance.

PRC pledges to grow the economy by at least 10% per year and creating jobs by up to 70% in the first five years of their rule.

On the financial sector, Mujuru proposes to control interest rates and bank charges in a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion for everyone.

“Monitor and control fee charges and lending rates of banks and other financial institutions to avoid arbitrage and usurious rates,” reads part of the manifesto.

Her government will also seek to promote banks or institutions which will lend money to Small to Medium Enterprises, while recapilalising the RBZ so that it can play its role as lender of last resort effectively.