Mujuru Responds To Mnangagwa’s Media “Lies”, “No Pact With Grace Mugabe”

4th February 2018

No pact with the Mugabe’s Mujuru clears the air: Statement | The National People’s Party wishes to categorically dismiss the rumour that Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru has entered into a political

pact with the former first lady Mrs Grace Mugabe with the contempt it deserves. This unfounded and baseless allegation is being peddled by one of the Public Media outpost Sunday Mail; that allows itself to be abused as a Zanu pf mouth piece.

For the record, the regime is so desperate in its efforts to mislead the nation about the true standing of Dr JTR Mujuru typical of the former days in 2014 when the Mnangagwa cabal mislead the former head of state about who Dr JTR Mujuru is. lts now downing on the military administration that

Mother Zimbabwe ` leadership capability is the ultimate answer the nation is looking forward to vote for in 2018.

Indeed Dr JTR Mujuru met the former head of state at the latter’s invitation at his residence and NPP President has since unreservedly accepted his apology for the wrongs which were done against her person when when she was hounded out of Zanu pf through the master trickery of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and his military team . That the former head of State was mislead on who truly Mother Zimbabwe is ; is now a matter of public record. For one to try and twist facts that the meeting was about formation of a political pact only reflects kwashiokor political thinking of the highest order. Mother Zimbabwe has a forgiving heart and NPP remains a home of choice for everyone who calls Zimbabwe home regardless of past political differences .

To demonstrate the panic of the military regime, Mother Zimbabwe was stoned few days ago by hired Zanu Pf thugs in Glenview Area 8 during one her routine campaigns of meet the people tour. Such barbaric acts of brutality demonstrates the fear of the regime and that alone will never deter NPP ` s quest and its other like minded partners under People ` s Rainbow Coalition to make another Zimbabwe possible. NPP is aware that the regime has no capacity to win a credible, free and fair election under the Sun should electoral reforms that promotes electoral transparency be

implemented. – Source: