Mukupe wanted to kill me: Rachel J 

Source: Mukupe wanted to kill me: Rachel J – NewsDay Zimbabwe


SONGSTRESS and entrepreneur Rachel Jambaya — affectionately known as Rachel J in showbiz — has broken her silence following sensational allegations made by her estranged “husband” and former Finance deputy minister Terence Mukupe that she cheated with South African-based cleric Shepherd Bushiri.

In a statement released by her family — which Rachel J confirmed as authentic to NewsDay Life &Style yesterday — the family said Rachel J was never formally married to Mukupe.

In a telephone interview, Rachel J also claimed that Mukupe wanted to kill her after forcibly gaining entrance into her house, where he allegedly vandalised property.

The songstress’ family said allegations made by Mukupe on social media that Bushiri had impregnated Rachel J were false.

“These allegations are unequivocally false, totally unsubstantiated and uncorroborated. The allegations are a malicious attack on Rachel J and our family by a disgruntled individual who swore before the police and witnesses that he would do everything in his power, even if it meant fabricating material to destroy Rachel J and anyone close to her, and to discredit her to her business contacts and threatened that if he can’t have Rachel no-one else will,” the family said.

Rachel J’s family said Mukupe was vindictive as he was unhappy that the songstress had terminated their relationship over infidelity.

“What hurts us is the treatment she (Rachel J) is getting from this man (Mukupe) who constantly cheated and humiliated her by siring four kids while in a relationship with Rachel,” reads the statement.

The family said it was strange that Mukupe, while claiming to love Rachel, would humiliate her in public while sleeping with different women, adding that Rachel’s baby was fathered by Mukupe.

“What annoys us is the fact that Terence continues to deny this child in public whilst privately he and his family are requesting to be part of this child’s life, claiming it’s theirs,” the family said.

The family said Mukupe was ungrateful after Rachel J turned him into “a respectable member of society” using her personal resources.

They said Rachel J had vast business investments in the cleaning industry, mining, fashion, media, transport and logistics.

However, Mukupe, yesterday said he would not respond to a “fake statement”.

“It’s a fake statement. It has no name of a person who issued the statement. I am suspecting its Bushiri’s people,” he said.

“Well, I don’t have proof that it came from her, (Rachel) or her family. If I have that proof that it came from her then I will respond. So it’s fake as far as I am concerned.”

Posting on his Facebook wall about a fortnight ago, Mukupe alleged that he had evidence that the adulterous affair between Rachel J — whom he claimed was his wife — and Bushiri, led to a pregnancy.

The child has since been born and Rachel J’s family said they were prepared for DNA tests to prove that Mukupe was the father.

Reacting to Mukupe’s claims on social media again, Bushiri denied the allegations.