Munyanduri promises Garden of Eden 

Source: Munyanduri promises Garden of Eden | The Sunday Mail July 1, 2018

Norman Muchemwa
National Patriotic Front leader Engineer Peter Munyanduri believes the leadership of Zimbabwe should rotate among professionals, saying a teacher and lawyer have had their turns and it is now time for an engineer to lead.

The 2018 presidential candidate, who is among 22 others seeking to outdo President Emmerson Mnangagwa on July 30, claims everywhere he goes, people are asking “where has he been all along?”

Eng Munyanduri last week also said once in office, he will create a Ministry of Entertainment in the Office of the President to promote a happy society.

His government will establish a parastatal called the Fruit Authority of Zimbabwe, charged with maintaining a fruit forest along the lines of “the Garden of Eden” to provide the citizenry with fruits.

Eng Munyanduri is convinced all other candidates are “wasting their time entering the Presidential race as he was a favourite to win”.

“The country’s leadership has been dominated by teachers and lawyers for a long time. It is now time for us engineers to take charge of the levers of power,” he said in an interview last week.

“I am academically superior amongst all the Presidential candidates and I have a golden opportunity to land the country’s Presidency. The electoral process has been dominated by non-technical people and this will end on 30 July.

“In all areas that I have visited, people are celebrating my entrance into the Presidential race and are saying the country needs people like me; they are asking why it took me this long to join the Presidential race.”

Eng Munyanduri, however, would not say which constituencies and wards his part had fielded parliamentary and local government candidates in.

In his manifesto, Eng Munyanduri said money generated through privatisation of parastatals would be regarded as “looted” and would be returned.

Returned funds, he said, would help support NPF government programmes.

Adds the NPF manifesto: “Confiscation of all Zanu-PF and MDC (T) offices and refund of all political parties finance funds from 1980 for Zanu-PF and from the year 2000 for MDC (T) will be implemented.”

The NPF, states the manifesto, will reduce the unemployment rate to below one percent in five years.

NPF, according to Eng Munyanduri, has the capacity to make Zimbabwe a top income country by 2030. Access to adequate food, housing and healthy facilities are among the party’s priorities.

“We will also regularise street vending to ensure there will be no arrests of people trying to ensure an honest means of earning living,” added Eng Munyanduri.