Murder’ plot backfires for Harare ‘prophet

Source: ‘Murder’ plot backfires for Harare ‘prophet’ – DailyNews Live

Tarisai Machakaire      24 August 2018

HARARE – A self-styled  prophet, who was early this year slapped with a
20-year jail term for rape, is on the run after trying to kill a man he
suspected of nailing him during his trial.

Hebert Senda was jailed for rape on April 4 this year but successfully
applied for bail pending appeal.

Now he is on the run after Blessing Chimbadzo, the man he allegedly tried
to kill for persuading the rape victim to nail him, survived and reported
to police the attempted murder.

Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje has issued a warrant of arrest against
Senda after he failed to appear in court to answer charges of kidnapping
and attempted murder.

Senda has been accused of attempting to kill Chimbadzo after he bundled
him into a car with the help of two other accomplices following a raid at
his home in Southlea Park.

According to the court, on June 15, Chimbadzo was at his house when Senda
and two accomplices, who are still at large, arrived armed with a knife
and axe.
It was alleged that Senda sent one of his accomplices into Chimbadzo’s
yard. The accomplice lied that he was Chimbadzo’s friend.

When Chimbadzo opened the door he saw Senda and the other two men who
allegedly blindfolded and bundled him into a waiting car before driving to
Southlea Park Dam.

When they arrived at the dam, it was alleged Chimbadzo was forced out of
the car and had his hands and legs tied before being wrapped in a green
fishing net.

Senda allegedly tied a 43kg stone to Chimbadzo and threw him into the dam
intending to cause his death by drowning.

He hit a hard surface and sustained a deep cut on the back of his head and
became unconscious forcing him to gulp large amounts of water.

Chimbadzo was rescued by fishermen who discovered him in the water during
their fishing excursion, the State alleged.

The fishermen assisted him in getting medical attention at Harare Central

Chimbadzo sustained serious injuries which needed sutures.

Senda was convicted of rape after the Harare Magistrates Court established
that in August 2016 he had preyed on a victim who had sought spiritual
help from him.

Prosecutor Michael Reza said that sometime in August 2016 the woman had
personal problems and was referred to an apostolic sect in Budiriro 4 for

The woman consulted Senda and was told that her problem would only be
solved during a ritual that involved bedding him.

She was tasked to wash the prophet’s garments and later accompanied him to
a house in Budiriro where she would do the ironing. They left the
residence around 11pm going back to the shrine and along the way Senda
stopped his car, fondled and raped her before threatening her with death
if she disclosed the matter.

Senda raped her again on the pretext that he wanted to apologise for what
had happened the previous day.

The woman was later kidnapped and dumped in Chivhu by Senda’s “men” and
sought help from highway vendors to return to Harare.

When Senda heard that she had safely returned, he offered her US$5 000 and
two residential stands to drop the case but she refused and he was
subsequently arrested.