Murehwa double murder suspect nabbed

Source: Murehwa double murder suspect nabbed | The Herald

Murehwa double murder suspect nabbed

Victor Maphosa

Herald Reporter

Police have arrested Denford Nyamande (35) of Marumisa Village in Murehwa, who is suspected of killing his father and aunt on March 22.

Nyamande allegedly killed his father Felix Taona Chiodza (87) in Marumisa Village and his aunt Ms Angela Bhunu (89) in Chidziva Village whom he accused of witchcraft.

An axe with blood stains was found near Mr Chiodza’s body, while a hoe suspected to be a murder weapon was also found near Ms Bhunu’s corpse.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest saying: “Police confirm the arrest of Denford Nyamande (35) in connection with the gruesome murder of two elderly siblings at Chidziva and Marumisa villages, Chief Mangwende, Murehwa on March 22.

“The suspect was fished out from his hideout at Mutsvairo Village, Chief Seke on March 29. Police would like to urge members of the public to shun strange and unjustified counsel from spiritualists.”

When The Herald arrived at Mr Chiodza’s homestead in Marumisa Village, close relatives and neighbours were visibly shaken and still camped there.

The late Mr Chiodza was living under the care of his sons and daughters-in-law, who would take turns to bring him food and water.

In Chidziva Village, his sister was also living under the care of her children with the daughter-in-laws also taking turns to bring her food and other essentials. Mr Chiodza’s body was discovered in his kitchen slumped on a bench in a pool of blood. Reports say an axe was found discarded near the body and some dry grass was near the fire place an indication that he was killed while trying to start a fire.

About 7km from Mr Chiodza’s home in Chidziva village, the lifeless body belonging to Ms Bhunu (89) was also found in a pool of blood in her kitchen.

Ms Bhunu’s body was discovered by her daughter-in-law who had brought her food. Soon after the discovery of the two bodies, a police report was made and the bodies were ferried to Murehwa Hospital for post-mortem.

 Sekuru Chinguwo, a neighbour and the first person who claimed to have discovered Mr Chiodza’s body said: “I first heard about the death of Angela Bhunu and I decided to visit Mr Chiodza to confirm the news. 

“Along the way, I met Chiodza’s grandson and we walked together and on arrival, the grandson opened the kitchen door and we saw Mr Chiodza in a pool of blood.

“We called the headman who informed the police about the incident. I am still in shock. Mr Chiodza was a good man.”

Mr Daniel Nyamande, son to Mr Chiodza, narrated the events which could have triggered the murder of his father and aunt. He said everyone was suspecting that his younger brother, Denford, was the killer.

 “Word is that Denford, my young brother, threatened our father with death on several occasions accusing him of witchcraft,” he said. 

“He alleged that our father was bewitching him and his family. 

“At one point, there was tension and we had to hold a family meeting presided over by our headman, Mr Ambrose Marumisa. My late aunt was also present.”

Denford’s wife, Ms Mariah Makoni said after the double murder, her husband switched off his mobile phone for some days and never attended the burial of his father and aunt.

She received a text message from him on Sunday in which he threatened to commit suicide for what he had done.

He allegedly confessed to the murder of his father to Ms Makoni.