Muzarabani quality oil 

Source: Muzarabani quality oil | The Herald November 25, 2019

Muzarabani quality oil

Invictus Energy Limited, which is exploring oil and gas in the Muzarabani area, says results for the geochemical analysis from its recent outcrop source rock field sampling programme carried out in July 2019 in the Cabora Bassa Basin has confirmed that there are high chances of good quality gas and oil.

In an announcement made last week, Invictus said the Mkanga Formation (Permian age) consists of a high-quality oil prone lacustrine source rock interbedded with good quality gas and liquids source rocks.

“The Mkanga Formation has present day Total Organic Content (TOC) values up to 40 percent and Hydrogen Index (HI) up to 380 while the Alternations Member of the Angwa Formation has TOC values up to 35 percent and HI up to 290. The TOC average is well above the recommended thresholds of 0,5 and 2.5 weight percent of gas and oil generation respectively and confirms the ability of the source rock to generate significant quantities of hydrocarbons,” reads the announcement.

The company said the source rock analysis also correlates with data from other African and West Australian Basins.


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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Enough folk story headlines for Zimbabwean media!!

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    I thought you got all your oil out of a fissure in a rock. After all it’s known as rock oil!