Mwonzora wins MDC -T presidency

Source: Mwonzora wins MDC -T presidency – NewsDay Zimbabwe

MDC-T secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora has won the race for substantive party president following a chaotic extraordinary congress which was characterized by violence leading in all his three contestants leaving in a huff during the middle of voting citing electoral  fraud.

According to the outcome announced by MDC T’s Independent Electoral Management Body ealier this morning, Mwonzora polled 883 votes out of a declared 1 027 total ballots issued in an election that went into the early hours of today.

Trailing him was the acting party leader Thokozani Khupe who polled 118 votes with Elias Mudzuri getting 14 and Morgen Komichi at the bottom with 9 ballots cast in his favour.

The announcement of Mwonzora’s win came six hours after Khupe had convened a press conference hastily flanked by the two other contestants, Elias Mudzuri and Morgen Komichi announcing the suspension the firebrand party secretary general and the extraordinary congress while voting was still in progress.

Khupe who was reading from a letter she had prepared, cited fraudulent activities regarding electoral procedures of the MDC-T Extraordinary Congress, instituting violence to other party members and election agents as well as inappropriately withdrawing party funds without following due process, thereby acting in a manner inconsistent with express or implied conduct of his membership of the party, putting the party into disrepute as reasons for Mwonzora’s suspension.

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    Chenjerai makudo 1 year ago

    1. There are several issues interesting in this quandary.

    2. How many were the voters on the electoral roll, according to the two sides?

    3. How many names were omitted, and how many ‘new’ names sprouted from ‘nowhere’?

    4. The point I am making is, if someone garners 884 votes while others have ALMOST zero, and the missing votes are so small as to be unable to change the outcome even if they could all be deemed to be Mudzuri/Khupe supporters, and ‘ghost voters’ are also an insignificant figure; then it becomes the TRUMP-BIDEN sequel.

    5. The federal Supreme Court refused to hear Trump’s appeal against ‘ghost voters’ after noting that Trump was still miles away from Biden even if the alleged ghost voters are disallowed and , AND, all those claimed to have had their ‘votes stolen’ could be deemed to have vote for Trump…TRUMP WOULDN’T STILL MAKE IT.

    6. Now, what does this mean for Mwonzora? It means Mwonzora is either popular but has no brains. If I were him, having now seen the results, I would EASILY agree to nullify them and go for a RE-RUN.

    7. Alternatively, he should have just agreed to include the ‘missing names’ and also agree to remove the contested names…IF HE HAD/HAS HIS BRAINS.

    8. Legally, a void electoral roll will invalidate the results and still take them back to the drawing table…which they should do alone without going to court, SO AS TO GAIN TRUST/RESPECT FROM PEOPLE.

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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    There is no opposition in our country just another ZanuPF project. These jokers are part of the gravy train and as such must be rejected by those Zimbabweans who want true freedom.

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    Chenjerai makudo 1 year ago

    If she had power to convene the Congress, as here shown, then she has power to cancel it.

    If she is the ONLY spokesperson for the party, then only she, could announce the cancellation of the voting, and also to declare the winner.

    He has power to suspend officials pending investigations, so, Douglas was suspended BEFORE he crowned himself the King.

    Mwonzora argues that no contestant can suspend/fire another contestant; which is illogical senseless and mischievous: DID THE CONSTITUTION SAY ‘Before elections, the Presidency Office shall become vacant’? If it does not say so, then she was still the President, AND NOT JUST ‘another contestant’..

    The cancellation of voting was ordered SIX hours BDFORE Mwonzora declared himself the winner….AND, the suspension. SO. Douglas Mwonzora could not have been elected President in Party he wasn’t a member at the time of the self-declaration….PERIOD!1!

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    Ndebele 1 year ago

    It is an enormous relief that this MDC pantomime refer to these leaders as “acting leaders.” Their is no way on earth that anybody could call them real leaders. Thank goodness for small mercies. A pantomime is a wonderful experience for this  MDC(Z)) just like it for Zanu itself. These actors think that they are real players in politics when they are just jumped up Zanu Mujibas  with an MDC(Z) – Z for zanu.