My G40 phrase wrongly used, Moyo

via My G40 phrase wrongly used, Moyo – NewZimbabwe 14/02/2016

FORMER information minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says he coined the moniker ‘generation 40’ that is now wrongly used by some sections of the media to refer to a Zanu PF faction.

In an interview, Moyo said in August of 2011 he wrote a piece in the state- controlled The Sunday Mail newspaper in which he used the phrase ‘generation 40’ for the first time.

“It was the day before the 2011 edition of Heroes Day and it was to commemorate and celebrate that year’s event and to recognise that the heroes who were at the forefront of our liberation struggle were young people.

“And that generally when it comes to the socio-economic transformation of a country such as ours, young people should be at the forefront of that initiative.

“And in particular, this was in light of the implementation of the programme of the indigenisation and economic empowerment, especially in 2011, which was really targeting young people and that its success depended on its capacity to empower that particular group.”

Moyo added that he used the term in its demographic sense in reference to a broader spectrum of young people across political persuasions and gender and not a faction.

“But now we have heard people who use it (Generation 40 phrase) in reference to some faction. It is preposterous by definition for anyone who is rationale to speak of a faction that has three people,” said Moyo.

The higher education minister’s comments come at a time when reports in the local media have linked him to a Zanu PF faction going by the moniker ‘Generation 40.’ The so-called faction is said to include President Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, and local government minister, Savior Kasukuwere-all of whom are said to be backing First Lady Grace Mugabe against Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the succession race.

But Moyo said all that was false. “And when you look for the members of this faction you find the names revolving around a number of three most of the time.

“And when the users of this term want to be self-indulgent they go to four or five and come back to three,” said Moyo.

The minister also there has never been any faction in the ruling party for as far as one cares to remember.