MYCASH: You can now send money to any mobile number, on any network in Zimbabwe 

MyCash has launched its MyCash Wallet which allows self-registration and instant money transfers on any mobile network.

Source: MYCASH: You can now send money to any mobile number, on any network in Zimbabwe – The Zimbabwean

 The launch of the Wallet also introduces the Send2Cell product, which enables all MyCash Clients and Wallet holders to perform instant money transfers throughout Zimbabwe, simply using the recipient’s mobile number.

 Both products are a first in the Zimbabwean market and aim to revolutionise mobile money by breaking barriers between different wallets and/or banks and creating a better future for all Zimbabweans through inclusivity and affordable financial services.

MyCash Financial Services has launched a MyCash Wallet into the Zimbabwean market which allows all Zimbabweans to self-register for free and start transacting on the most affordable mobile wallet platform in the country.
Signing up for the Wallet requires the user to dial *212# and follow the USSD prompting, filling in their details to complete the self-registration process, and using an OTP that is sent to them via SMS. The user is then prompted to create a PIN and can start receiving and sending money instantly. Services offered on the wallet include: Airtime purchases, balance enquiries, bill payments (Zesa, TelOne, City of Harare, Zinara, ZUVA and more), ZIPIT ($1 flat fee), MyCash transfers (35c flat fee), mini statements as well as MyCash’s new, product differentiating service, Send2Cell.

With the launch of MyCash Wallet also comes the release of MyCash Send2Cell. With Send2Cell, MyCash users can now send up to $1000 to any mobile number, on any network throughout Zimbabwe. For 35 cents per transaction, Send2Cell breaks into the market as the cheapest way to send money instantly in Zimbabwe.

How it works: The MyCash sender selects Send2Cell on the main menu, enters the recipient’s mobile number, amount and sends funds. The recipient receives funds instantly and is notified through an automated SMS with instructions on how to redeem and start using the funds by registering on the Wallet. Once registered the receiver has access to the MyCash Wallet suite of services.

“We are very excited about the launch of these two products and believe we are at the forefront of creating true financial inclusion for all Zimbabweans. Our aim with these products is to eliminate transaction barriers that have previously restricted people from sending funds across various financial institutions and mobile networks.


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    Bance 3 years ago

    This is insanely cheap!!!!!BEST DEAL EVERRR!!! Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!……Makes business sense for traders. I sent money on one of the mobile money platforms and was charged $10.71…..what a reap-off. Well-done MyCash and A BIGGGG THANK YOU!!!!!