New AAG executive joins Zanu PF campaign train 

Source: New AAG executive joins Zanu PF campaign train – NewsDay Zimbabwe


THE new-elected Affirmative Action Group (AAG) executive has said it will mobilise youths to vote as part of Zanu PF’s youth mobilisation drive ahead of the 2023 polls.

The new executive came into office last week, with Mike Chimombe as president, and deputised by controversial pastor and socialite Passion Java.

Chimombe is the Zanu PF youth league secretary for indigenisation and empowerment.

AAG spokesperson Ari Goldstein told NewsDay that the new executive had set sights on wooing the rural youth “to ensure that no one is left behind” as part of a Zanu PF mobilisation drive ahead of the 2023 polls.

“We are going to lobby the government to look at those (rural) areas because when we are looking for votes, no one is left out. We campaign at every corner of the country and we get the votes that we want and we win elections. We are like a campaign machinery which wants votes, we want people to be participating in the economic development of this country,” Goldstein said.

“Things have changed. We are going to be focusing on the youth in rural areas and we then push together. Our generation is going to be focusing mainly on youth in the rural and peri-urban areas … our key area of focus is the rural areas. The rural folk must understand and must get this to happen to them as well.”

The black empowerment lobby group was formed in 1994.