New boards lack seriousness

via New boards show lack of seriousness. 13  June 2014  NEWSDAY ZIMBABWE

Yesterday, Energy and Power Development minister Dzikamai Mavhaire appointed almost 10 boards under his purview. Notably, he appointed former Lands minister Herbert Murerwa as Zesa chairman.

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Mavhaire’s appointments followed that of Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Obert Mpofu, who a day before sent tongues wagging when he appointed Godwills Masimirembwa as chairperson of the State-owned Central Mechanical Engineering Department (CMED).

It appears the ministers are stampeding to appoint tired faces into State corporations, a question of old wine in new bottles, but with a tough call to revive the fortunes of the parastatals.

The main problem is that most of the boards, especially the chairmen since they are their cronies, always act like executives when they are non-executive. The board takes over the running of the institution instead of allowing management to do that and supervise them.

A case in point is that during Masimirembwa’s term as chairman of the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), he actually had a full-time office there and an assistant and all decisions were being made by him.

Is it by coincidence that Masimirembwa follows Mpofu to whichever ministry he goes? This is daylight Zanu PF nepotism style. It is compelling to remind ministers they should appoint individuals beyond reproach if the country is to move forward.

It is not enough to recycle same individuals with the hope to growing the economy even when the same individuals are said to have been absolved of any wrongdoing. The fact remains that some of them have been fingered in corruption and nothing happened to bring them to book.

Masimirembwa’s appointment, which was approved by President Robert Mugabe, came 10 months after the 90-year-old Zanu PF leader accused him of extorting money from a Ghanaian businessman.

Mpofu, however, tasked Masimirembwa and his new board to recover the $2,7 million CMED was allegedly duped into paying by a local fuel supplier, First Oil, in a clandestine deal involving top government and Zanu PF officials.

Mugabe last year accused Masimirembwa, then ZMDC chairman, of demanding a $6 million bribe from William Ato Essien, a Ghanaian diamond investor, in the now defunct Gye Nyame Resources in Marange.

But in February, Mugabe made a U-turn and exonerated Masimirembwa, saying he had been misled and claimed Essien was a “crook” who failed to inject capital into the diamond producer. How Murerwa was also appointed is puzzling as it came soon after Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora disclosed that the land reform programme was abused with 10-year-old children having been allocated commercial farms.

So, there is need for government ministers to be transparent in the way they do business to inspire confidence to the citizenry. One wonders whether there are no more other people of integrity out there.

It is time Cde President walks the talk. There is rampant corruption in State bodies as revealed by the mega-salaries earned by their chief executives.
Mugabe should stop this rot by his ministers. State resources are for future generations, but the attitude exhibited by State actors leave a lot to be desired. That in itself requires some restrain.


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    The Mind Boggles 9 years ago

    The mind boggles

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    publicprotector 9 years ago

    That is the problem stemming from the previous minister, the board members ran the corp to their financial advantage.
    Hence the millions stolen by same and the current state of affairs.
    Because they were fired then the retaliation started, we can bring Zesa to its knees unless you reinstate us – this is what is happening, its called economic sabotage and is funded by the thieves and western governments.
    They do send out press statements for the dim and journalists, pre paid meters are compulsory – therec was no legidsalation it was a scam. After police investigation they said previous meters were by passed – this has always been a problem hence meter readers now fired.
    We need another make at double the price realiosing the journalists are thick they continued saying we will put them on top of poles so people cant reach.
    The police officer in charge laughed and saidf this coulod only happen in Zimbabwe, Zesa say they have no power, we have serious power cuts and people queue to pay in advance for power.
    Can a person sell someyjuthing they don’t have NO, its called fraud, you cant have legislatyion saying its compulsory tom pay in advance for something you don’t have.
    If you have one instsalled your bills increase, when you complain they tell you if you have a prepaid meter you have to pay for it and the installation.
    If you ask how much no one knows its another scam to rip more money off and evade tariff price control. There is legislation to say if you ewant one youn havev to pay, if you have one you wanted it that’s what they say.
    These Zesa employees don’t just deserve to go to jail, thety deserve the death sentence, however they stole so much that they were able to fund its removal in the new -democratic change.
    Now they get 3 years first offence and come out to sums of 50 million.

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    Atheist 9 years ago


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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    Hopeless mashona, ALL OF THEM ARE!

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    ntaba 9 years ago

    I remember that the late Dr. Zvobgo described the transformation of Zanu from Zanu PF to Zanu Plc about 15 years ago. Now we can say it is playing “Tata ma millions, tata ma chance!” Conventional business is far too slow. A printing press or “tata ma mega million salaries” is much better for Zanu.

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    The way very old people or retired politicians are appointed to positions of authority just boggles the mind. We as Zims are a failed state, failed people and all our education has come to zilch.