The new cabinet: not all bad

There has been an outpouring of criticism of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new cabinet, that was announced late last night. Amidst the doom and gloom it is important to recognise the positive elements of his decision. For example Chris Mutsvangwa as Minister of Information is a hopeful choice. He worked for many years as an official in the Ministry of Information in the 1980s and was on the board of the Zimbabwe Media Commission, where he was a progressive voice. We can expect him to continue in this vein – and hopefully undo a lot of the damage done in this sector by former minister Jonathan Moyo and media hangman Tafataona Mahoso.

July Moyo, the new minister of local government, is  an experienced technocrat. He was permanent secretary for local government in the 1990s and understands the issues at stake.

Winston Chitando, the new minister of mines and mining development, is another technocrat. He has an accounting degree and has worked in this sector as managing director of Mimosa Mines and also as Chairman of Hwange Colliery.

Air Marshall Perence Shiri is the new minister of agriculture, which seems to indicate that command agriculture is set to take a central role in this sphere.

Brigadier General Sibusiso Moyo, the man who appeared on ZBC to make the original non-coup announcement,  is a surprise inclusion as minister of foreign affairs. Shock and horror has greeted the inclusion of Lazarus Dokora as having retained his post as minister of education – even after Mnangagwa criticised him severely on twitter yesterday.


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    Nanru 4 years ago

    5 out of 22, or 23% so how hopeful should the country get?

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    Mr Dissolutioned 4 years ago

    Are you joking??!! Not all Bad??
    Parirenyatwa has presided over every kind of abuse of office, collapse of the Health Sector and corrupt practise in appointing himself chief owner and beneficiery in the Private Pharmacies in the hospitals as well as presiding over the collapse of PSMAS.
    Shiri ?! -the diamond/farm looter and hitman in Matebeland??!!
    That weirdo in Education Dokora? He’s an idiot!-Patrick Bond-Note Chinamasa – enforcing every kind of economic chaos?
    This proves we have just experienced a coup – and that we can expect more of the same from this new government as the last one. Cronies and jobs for the faction!

    There are no inclusive appointments whatsoever! No inclusion of opposition, nor independents nor sensible decisions that can attract investment. No new blood, just dead wood and military strongmen. Its a terrible disappointment after all the words and pronouncements of the last few weeks.

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    shekanovitch 4 years ago

    You tried to justify Mnangagwa s new cabinet but you have not given any fact why you think this is a positive move, and how these new appointees are better than the old stooges.

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    spiralx 4 years ago

    Not at all impressive. This is being seen as a major test of inclusivity, and a fresh start for the country.

    He failed.