No election celebrations

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Although Zanu (PF) managed to ‘wrestle’ 23 of the 26 provincial House of Assembly seats in Manicaland province from MDC-T in the election, there are few celebrations in the city.

No celebrations in Harare

Quiet streets following the announcement of a Zanu (PF) victory.

In the run up to the polls, Zanu (PF) painted the city green, yellow and black. However, following the announcement of the parliamentary and presidential results hardly any locals were seen wearing Zanu (PF) party regalia in the city and surrounding areas.

Locals interviewed by this paper dismissed the outcome of the polls as a “fraud and farce”. They said it was surprising that whilst Zanu (PF) won 75 percent of the vote there was only 25 percent of people celebrating.

“The outcome does not reflect the will of the people. It’s an undisputed fact that the political landscape in the country has totally changed and we will never have one party running the show alone,” said Munyaradzi Maroto of Zimunya communal lands.

There were pockets of celebrations in Sakubva but they quickly faded when none of the residents joined in. People were locked in their houses while vendors continued with their day-to-day business.



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    Pachokwadi 11 years ago

    It will be difficult to make non existent people celebrate. So Zany Pf should be embarased but as usual they don’t care as long as they have the power which is all they care about.

    I remember they used to bus in unemployed underinformed and uneducated youths from rural areas around midland to gweru and kwekwe to come and terrorise the local residence hence coersing them to vote against their will.

    These youths usually came on periods preceding elections and will be no where to be seen when elections are won or rather stolen. They youths where given free beers and marijuana and told to defend their country.

    South Africans pretends that they don’t see the unfairness of elections. Sadac and A U are also turning a blind eye. Zimbabwe is being used as an example. They all want to see if land grabing and the recent targeted take over of foreign owned companies can work so they might in future do the same but with a more educated view having seen the goodies and ills of Zimbabwe. Its always nice to walk were some one has gone before. You will know the exact part to follow without stumbling. Our parents used to tell is of how they used to collect mushrooms from the forests and would cook it and give to their dogs before the ate it, for sometimes wild mushrooms could be very poisonous. So they would feed it to their dogs and watch the for some considerable time before they too can eat it. If the dog dies or falls sick they would get rid of the mushrooms. This is same here. Zim is the test dog.

    Unfortunately cor Zimbabwe this is poisonous and fortunately Sadac and A U they will discurd of that poisonous dish. And look for better mushrooms when Zim is passed.

    Its sad but its true. If you are stupid people can use you to map out their future pertaining it on your gains and failures to active the best for themselves. Mugabe is one man who doesn’t care as long as he remains president. He truly has sacrificed a great nation for selfish reasons. GOD BLESS THE COUNTRY OF ZIMBABWE.

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    furedi 11 years ago

    I do believe that the people of Israel are celebrating for their (new) 90year old president.

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    Zvikaramba 11 years ago

    Twin brother Shimon Perez

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    Tobby Chororo 11 years ago

    Pachokwadi – [the author of the article at the top] is a star. It {the 31 July 2013} will go down the annuls of history of Zimbabwe as the “most stolen election” in the modern elections. I was in Kadoma on 02 August 2013 when the Kadoma zanu pf entourage was celebrating their win around 1530hrs passing through the OK TM open market in about 5 vehicles. The white twin cab that was leading had a symbolic coffin symbolising the death of the MDC-T and about youths at the back of the twin cab singing and raising the fist which is zanu pf slogan.

    What surprised all and sundry who was in town at that moment was that inspite of the enthusiasm and jubilation the 5 motor-vehicle entourage displayed no single person including those that were nearest/closest to the vehicles responded/chanted in return through out their drive past. Rather, every body just looked at them in amazement. What a shame: how embarrassing it was!

    I wondered who really had voted them in power given the terrible failure to manage the nation background that every Zimbabwean pretty know. It was evident that what was running up and down my mind was exactly what the entire Kadoma town residence was also grappling with at the time – who really voted them in who could not respond to their chantings?

    The cheating, no matter how smart it might have been executed, started revealing itself from the word go. And mark my words Zimbabweans will honestly not sit by and watch these zanus trampling on every-one day and night.