No room for complacency . . . Let’s fulfil election promises, says President 

Source: No room for complacency . . . Let’s fulfil election promises, says President | The Herald December 15, 2018

No room for complacency . . . Let’s fulfil election promises, says PresidentPresident Mnangagwa tables the zanu-pf Central Committee Report at the ruling party’s Annual National People’s Conference at Umzingwane High School in Esigodini yesterday. — (Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Levi Mukarati and Lincoln Towindo in ESIGODINI
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday urged Zanu-PF not to be complacent after resoundingly winning the July 30 harmonised elections, saying cadres must continue working for the revolutionary party.

He said Zanu-PF’s victory was based on a promise to improve the lives of Zimbabweans and there was need to ensure the pledges were fulfilled.

President Mnangagwa was addressing over 6 000 delegates to the Zanu-PF Annual National People’s Conference here yesterday afternoon.

He said Zanu-PF must realise it would be judged by its performance over the next five years in Government when elections come in 2023.

“We should be warned from complacency due to our impressive showing at this year’s elections.

“The voting patterns and subsequent results, along with the general needs of the people across the country, compel us to work harder in building the party starting from the cells/villages, upwards,” said the party’s First Secretary.

“We must implement sustainable development programmes and fulfil the promises we made to the electorate in our manifesto.
“As we work with 2023 in mind, I challenge us all, to individually and collectively introspect and pledge ourselves to be faithful and loyal to the ideals, values and principles of the party,” he said.

“We must be totally committed to the party and its leadership.”
He said the conference was important as it was the first since the election victory.
The President said the elections were held in a peaceful environment and were considered free, fair and credible by international observers.

He said the party’s message of unity, peace and love resonated with voters.
“I commend all the structures of the party for heeding this call during and after the election period,” said President Mnangagwa.

“I appeal to us to entrench this non-violent culture going forward.”

The President also thanked the millions of voters who voted for the party.
“In spite of our convincing win, the losing presidential candidate of the the main opposition party took us to court refusing to accept the majority vote of the people.

“This culminated in a Constitutional Court ruling which confirmed me the winner as was decided by the people through the ballot.”

The elections were for the first time held in a peaceful environment and open to foreign observer missions, especially from Europe, who were barred by the previous regime of Mr Robert Mugabe.

Several observer missions have released reports endorsing the polls as free, fair and credible.