No winners or losers in Zanu PF: President 

Source: No winners or losers in Zanu PF: President | The Herald

No winners or losers in Zanu PF: PresidentPresident Mnangagwa addresses the Zanu PF Politburo at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday urged party cadres, who did not make it in the recently held provincial elections to avail themselves, their experiences, skills and competencies towards building the revolutionary party as it prepares for next year’s elections.

Addressing the 359th ordinary session of the Politburo, which is the first  this year, the President said regardless of the internal poll outcome, there were no losers in Zanu PF because ultimately, it is the masses who are the victors.

“Let us build on this vibrancy by nurturing and strengthening our internal democratic culture and mobilisation ecosystem.

“As we deliberate on the report of the elections, I urge all members of the party to be mindful of the fact that, in our party, there are no winners and losers. It is the people and ultimately the party that wins.

“Party cadres who did not make it in the recent elections must avail themselves, their experiences, skills and competencies to build and grow our mass party,” said President Mnangagwa.

The revolutionary party recently held its provincial elections  as per the party’s constitution.

Amid isolated cases of irregularities, the President, who is also the ruling party’s First Secretary, said corrective measures where need be, will be taken.

In his address, President Mnangagwa said the party will not hesitate to “expunge” errant members.

“Let me further hasten to say that constitutionalism, unity, peace, harmony and development remain our absolute compass, now and going into the future. Irregularities and political chicanery across party structures must be decisively dealt with and expunged from the party.

“I urge the party leadership to always listen to the aspirations of the people at every level. It is equally important that the party leadership and membership in general work concretely to achieve a better quality of life for our people. It is after all the people who have entrusted us with the mandate to govern over our great country,” he said.

The President commended members of the Politburo, the national and provincial elections directorates as well as candidates for their participation in the recently held elections.

In addition, the President said a negative outcome should never dampen the revolutionary spirit of any cadre, but inspire them to learn, develop and mature in their political career.

“In all our dealings, members must conduct themselves honourably, informed by the party constitution, rules, procedures, principles and ethos,” said President Mnangagwa.

In unity, he said, the ruling party should continue pursuing its people-oriented policies harnessing on the gains made last year.

He added that the party’s structures should start mobilising in earnest for the 2023 harmonised elections with the extra role of encouraging people who are yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to get the jabs.


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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    “The masses are the victors” of the ZanuPF elections??? Firstly which “masses”. More like povo who are left out of everything. The process adopted by ZanuPF for years and is well known to all and sundry is leave out the majority in anything and only add the bootlickers in . This way you control the mob. I remember in 1980 where we saw ZanuPF intimidation in full force amongst the povo and knew then a monster was created and the rest is history . ZanuPF must go !!!