Nyatsime residents appeal for new bridge

Source: Nyatsime residents appeal for new bridge | The Herald

Municipal Reporter
Residents of Nyatsime, under the newly-established Manyame-Chitungwiza Local Board, are appealing to the Government for the construction of a high-level bridge over Nyatsime River so that they can access Chitungwiza town during the rainy season.

The existing bridge is low and is easily submerged whenever Nyatsime River floods.

Last Thursday, our news crew visited the bridge after a haulage truck that had tried to cross the flooded river got stuck on the bridge.

Pupils and workers who were going to school and work in Chitungwiza were forced to either return home or use a longer route via Mahusekwa, which is costly.

Manyame RDC ward 9 Cllr Masimbi Masimbi (Zanu PF) said there were reports that a local man was mauled by a crocodile while trying to cross the flooded river.

Other reports from the local leadership also suggests that at least seven people have died while trying to cross the river during the past three years.

“There is a man who was attacked by a crocodile and we are waiting for the police sub-aqua team to come search for his body.

“Our appeal is that Government should assist us with constructing a proper bridge. The existing one is a hazard,” said Cllr Masimbi.

He applauded Government for moving in to resolve the jurisdiction issue of Nyatsime area.

“Nyatsime so far is a no man’s land because of the tussles between Chitungwiza and Manyame RDC. Government formed Manyame-Chitungwiza Local Board were Manyame RDC and Chitungwiza Municipality will both second three councillors respectively to the board,” he  said.