Online Sport Betting Trends 2020

Betting on sports is a fun pastime for most punters as it makes watching sports more intriguing. However, most people tend to forget that sports betting is prone to change in consumer behaviour like any other industry. These transformations are typically short-lived, but usually have standing effects on the industry as a whole.

Mostly, sports betting trends go hand-in-hand with advancements in technology. However, they can also be influenced by the high and lows of the economy, pop culture, and change in consumer interest levels. Fortunately, sports have been among the main sources of entertainment for years, with many fans participating in betting. As a result, we were experiencing several exciting trends in the sports betting world.

The Rise of eSports Betting

While eSports isn’t as physical as other competitions, it’s equally competitive and interesting for fans. What started as a favorite past-time for gamers while hanging out with friends has transformed into an amazing experience and a multi-billion dollar business. That has not only attracted the attention of gamers but also bookmakers who offer 24/7bets online betting enthusiasts the chance to wager all day long.

While most leagues canceled sports activities this year, eSports remained active and entertained sports fans and punters. As a result, video game competitions have earned a place in the sports betting ecosystem. That means you can wager on your favorite pro-gamers on leading betting sites like Betway.

Many bookmakers also support video game competitions organized by established organizations. These competitions include PUBG’s region games, Fortnite World Cup, CS: GO, League of Legends, and FIFA20.

Player-Centric Bets

As betting and technology continue aligning, player-centric bets are becoming popular more than ever, fueled by the player tracking. Today, a good number of punters are choosing to bet on individual players instead of teams, as most people like to bet on outcomes they think they can correctly predict.

Player tracking is also helping players to make informed decisions while placing wagers, helping them become lucrative. For instance, when wagering on basketball with Betway, you can wager on a star individual like Lebron James or use his stats to predict other outcomes while playing against different teams.

Last-Minute Betting

Technology can be incredibly impressive sometimes. Several years ago, punters needed to visit a brick and mortar bookmaker to place wagers before a game, but that has all changed today. With online casinos and sportsbooks, everyone can easily place wagers from anywhere in the world through their computers and mobile devices. Fast internet and mobile gaming have also led to a significant change in sports betting.

Punters not only have the convenience of wagering while on the go today, but they can also wager at the last minute. Many beginners have a hard time choosing their wagers weeks in advance, though the odds might be more favorable.  Nonetheless, most bookies today are allowing last-minute betting, including wagering while the game is live.

Looking Into the Future

Most sports betting trends turn into essential components in the market. That means everything currently happening in the industry will have a long-term effect on the sports betting ecosystem. As such, you can be confident that esports and last-minute betting will be around for years to come.