Only transitional govt can restore stability: War vets

Source: Only transitional govt can restore stability: War vets – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 21, 2017

WAR veterans in Manicaland province have joined growing calls for Zanu PF’s top leadership to urgently rope in other political parties and set up an inclusive transitional government to jump-start the economy and stabilise the political environment for the good of the general populace.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association Manicaland provincial deputy political commissar Irvin Mbengo told NewsDay yesterday that only a transitional government would quickly restore political and economic stability.

“We need to tell each other the truth here. There is need to have solid relations among the political parties in Zimbabwe.
The parties need to be united. Transitional government is the only solution here,” he said.

In 2009, the government of national unity (GNU) was set up following an electoral stalemate between Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe and the two MDCs led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube.

“We had too many thieves in the leadership of this country. There was corruption everywhere and our country’s leadership was protecting corrupt officials. In countries like China and India corrupt officials and thieves within the country’s political leadership are executed by way of shooting. So in Zimbabwe, someone needs to be shot in the head with a bullet,” Mbengo said.

“We want ethical leadership and good corporate governance. How can a minister present a fake $10 million cheque for the Zimunya-Marange Community Share Ownership Trust and yet up to now we still do not know what happened to that money? During the unity government we saw local industries, public education and health care systems shaping up after they had virtually shut down in 2008 due to political turmoil and economic stress,” he said .

Mbengo added: “Now we are back at it again, we have long queues and cashless banks. We should not be late again, a transitional government is the only solution. We grabbed the land, but, what are we producing? We are importing maize worth more than $200 million. Companies have closed and nothing is there, something must be done as early as possible and a unity government is the answer.”


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    A unity government is not the answer. An MDC government is the answer. ZANU PF have ****** it up for 37 years. They have nothing to offer. Their leadership were all complicit. ZANU PF must burn for the good of Zimbabwe.