‘Opposition councils have failed the people’ 

Source: ‘Opposition councils have failed the people’ | The Herald

‘Opposition councils have failed the people’President Mnangagwa addresses Politburo meeting at Zanu PF Headquarters yesterday.-Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

Fungi Kwaramba

Political Editor

The opposition must be voted from local authorities as they have run-down urban councils much to the suffering of the people, President Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing the Politburo meeting yesterday, the President said the Government has already taken decisive steps to intervene in urban councils to curb a myriad of malfeasance.

The ineptitude of the MDC-led councils has been laid bare this rainy season after houses illegally built on wetlands were ravaged by floods, in some cases leaving the occupants homeless.

In response, the Government has swiftly moved to provide alternative housing for the affected people with land being identified to settle people allocated stands on wetlands and on land bereft of amenities such as water, electricity, roads and sewage.

“It has become obvious to all our people that the opposition led councils have failed to deliver services to the people. We must vote them out of these councils. Our people have suffered long enough and we must deliver a better quality of services. Government has made bold and decisive decisions. In this regard, a Joint Ministerial Taskforce chaired by Vice President Chiwenga is seized with the unlawful settlements, inclusive of settlements on wetlands, so that we bring relief to the people as soon as possible,” he said.

The President said the Government is accelerating infrastructural development programmes that were birthed by devolution.

However, the dereliction of duty by the MDC-led councils has seen ratepayers receiving a raw deal.

With the opposition out of depth on the service delivery front, the President said the onus was on the ruling party structures, particularly, the Women’s League, veterans of the liberation struggle and Youth League to move with great speed to ensure full participation of their members in the development agenda.

“It is my expectation that the party leaders raise their political consciousness first and foremost, so that they can serve the people more effectively. We must remain with the people, like fish in water. This principle must guide the entire party. We do not organise the party in the media, and such tendencies should stop. The party leadership must remain alert to the fact that the character and ethos of our party is rooted on the principle of unity, peace, servant leadership and development. As leaders we must always act in the interests of the people of our country and strive for their development and prosperity.

“In all that we do, let us remain focused towards a resounding victory in the 2023 elections and reclaim dominance in all the country’s provinces, including in urban areas,” he said.

The President is on record saying corrective measures must be taken to bring order to the country’s growth points, towns and cities that have seen the mushrooming of new settlements, albeit without the requisite facilities such as water, sewer, electricity and roads around the country.

In the midst of the confusion are land barons, working in connivance with local councils, that have been fleecing desperate home-seekers by allocating them land on wetlands and other areas earmarked for other purposes.

The governing party directed its officials to weed out any party members dabbling in the illegal selling of residential land from the party as part of an exercise meant to rid Zanu PF of rotten apples.

The President is living up to his promise as there are no sacred cows in the fight against corruption, with the anti-graft broom set to sweep away even those in the Politburo found on the wrong side of the law.


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    Kalulu 1 year ago

    Is this not a case of seeing a speckle in someone’s eye and trying without success to conceal an apparent log in your own eye.  How has the government tried to empower local authorities. Has the government managed its own cases well.:Continuous strikes by civil servants; lack of medicines in government hospitals such that patients are now travelling to mission hospitals outside their urban areas; no PPE’s for health personnel; open corruption by those in power and their syndicates; was the president not identified by a South African report recently as the chief of corrupt cartels siphoning gold, diamonds out of the country; will Henrietta Rushwaya face the music in front of the captured judiciary; when will Obadiah Moyo face music in court for stealing Covid funds; why are state prosecutors not contesting bail applications by ruling party officials such as Kagonye, Obadiah Moyo etc.

    Clean your own house first you bunch of thieves, shame on you!!!