Over 90 000 arrested in cross border crimes 

Source: Over 90 000 arrested in cross border crimes – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Close to 100 000 people have been arrested for cross border crimes since the inception of an operation code-named No to Cross Border Crimes, according to the Zimbabwe Republic police (ZRP).

In a statement, ZRP said of the 100 000 arrests, 534 people were arrested on January 16, 2022 only.

“The cumulative number for the arrests stands at 96 054,” read the statement.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairperson Peter Mutasa said the 100 000 arrests were a clear sign th

“This clearly shows that Zimbabwe is facing a serious crisis. Such movements by people can only be seen in countries at war. When citizens disregard numerous risks to cross borders in search of livelihoods, it means there is a state failure.

“There are many push factors, among them political persecution and economic refugees. All this also reflects a state failing to protect its citizens, and a government mismanaging the economy, and also failing to provide public services such as issuing of passport,” Mutasa said.

Zimbabweans have always crossed the border to neighbouring South Africa in search of various goods and services due to economic challenges facing the country. Cross border trading has sustained many families.

at there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.