Overhaul water, reticulation systems, VP Mohadi tells councils 

Source: Overhaul water, reticulation systems, VP Mohadi tells councils | The Herald 05 OCT, 2019

Overhaul water, reticulation systems, VP Mohadi tells councils
VP Mohadi

Bulawayo Bureau

VICE PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi has urged municipalities to overhaul their water and sewer reticulation systems in line with their growing populations.

Speaking in an interview yesterday after a clean-up exercise in Gwanda, VP Mohadi said the population in towns had outgrown the water and sewer reticulation systems that were being used.

He said Government was working on phasing out plastic packaging, which was contaminating the environment.

“The problem that we have when it comes to the environment is that the population in towns has increased and the water and sewer reticulation systems can no longer serve the people sufficiently,” he said.

“Municipalities are, therefore, urged to overhaul their sewer and water systems so they can be able to service the people. When it comes to refuse that is being disposed of in dump sites, there is need for it to be graded.

“It should not just be disposed of and left there.

“Some materials such as plastics should be recycled. But the aim of Government is to phase out all plastic packaging because it is contaminating the environment. If livestock eat these plastics they die, it is a very dangerous waste material.”

Addressing Gwanda residents and other stakeholders outside Pelandaba Stadium, VP Mohadi called on citizens to take an active role in cleaning their communities and not rely only on local authorities to do the job.

He said as the rainy season was fast approaching, people had to prepare for it in an environmentally friendly manner in order to avoid outbreak of diseases.

“The culture of cleanliness is what defines us as the citizenry of this beautiful nation, Zimbabwe,” said VP Mohadi. “Let us all embrace it. Gone are the days where as communities we waited for the local authorities to clean our surroundings. We have to take it upon ourselves to do the cleaning.”

VP Mohadi urged the Environmental Management Agency, police and local authorities to ensure that offenders are punished.

He applauded all stakeholders that participated in the clean-up exercise and the whole nation for embracing the National Clean-up Campaign.

Speaking at the same event, Matabeleland South Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Abednico Ncube expressed gratitude towards VP Mohadi for leading the clean-up exercise in the province.