Partnership’s projects enhance community resilience to Covid-19 induced shocks to Gokwe

Source: Partnership’s projects enhance community resilience to Covid-19 induced shocks to Gokwe | The Herald

Partnership’s projects enhance community resilience to Covid-19 induced shocks to Gokwe
Ms Blantina Munyanyi of Ganye Village Gokwe is a beneficiary of the Red Cross Climate Smart Agriculture training Picture: Columbus Mabika

Columbus Mabika Herald Reporter

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, with funding from the Japanese government has embarked on post-Covid-19 projects funded to the tune of millions of dollars aimed at rebuilding communities from the effects of the pandemic in Gokwe.

Running under the theme “Building resilient communities under Covid-19 through food security, improved water provision and community-based health care support in Zimbabwe,” the projects are aimed at strengthening food security and water provision to the most vulnerable communities in Gokwe.

The projects are operational on six components which, include drilling and solarisation of boreholes. Establishment of community and household keyhole gardens, training of volunteers on Covid-19 risk communication and community engagement are also part of the projects.

Seed money support and training of trainers to farmers on climate smart agriculture and agriculture inputs provision are part of the six components.

ZRCS secretary general, Mr Elias Hwenga said the projects were key to enhancing community capacity in vulnerable communities during these COVID-19 trying times.

“The major principal purpose of the project is enhancing community capacity to reduce the spread and mitigate effects of Covid-19 through improving access to basic health care and strengthening food security and water provision for the most vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This project aims to support preparedness and response to Covid-19-induced emergencies in Gokwe North and South in the Midlands Province, over 12 months. The target group for the interventions are the most vulnerable and food insecure community members.”

The projects will also target all community members while the health interventions are geared towards infection prevention and control of Covid-19.

In complimenting Government efforts on food production, ZRCS has trained communities on smart climate smart agriculture through Pfumvudza.

On water provision, ZRCS has successfully cited two boreholes for immediate drilling and solarisation while two existing boreholes were successfully capacity.

Magaisa village headman Mr Emmanuel Magaisa, who also benefitted from the programme said it was impressive to note that communities throughout Gokwe had adopted improved livelihoods and food security through adopting Government programmes such as Pfumvudza.

“We thank the Government and partners for availing programmes that empower communities. We have become pre-occupied with tasks that bring money to our pockets and food on our tables. We thank the partners for being concerned about the water challenges facing the communities. The drilling of the two boreholes and resuscitation of the existing ones will go a long way in solving this problem,” he said.

To compliment Government inputs, ZRCS will soon distribute inputs to 4000 households in the district that have prepared their land for Pfumvudza.