The people and ZUNDE are calling for winners

via The people and ZUNDE are calling for winners March 31, 2014

Zimbabweans United for Democracy (ZUNDE) greetings in the name of our renewed struggle for freedom. Our spirits are high realising that “her bones have risen again”. Greetings from our cadres spread across the globe and our heroes spearheading our struggle in the provinces. Our gratitude goes to those that have sacrificed so much and have even sold their chickens to spread the ZUNDE message.
ZUNDE is encouraged that its vision and argument for a united pro-democracy movement is being widely accepted, albeit opportunistically by some political predators. We have seen a number of political leaders at least mentioning unity in their public meetings. It is encouraging and ZUNDE will always advocate for a united front. To facilitate this, our Unity Team is now reaching out to all genuine pro-democracy activists. It’s a place that does not promote individualism and personal interests as has bedeviled our politics since independence and, unfortunately, in the recent push for democratic change.
For united approach to work we must understand and appreciate the critical elements of such unity. Firstly, there must be a clear understanding and agreement of what we are fighting for. The people of Zimbabwe have been short changed for a while. Zanu PF promised them freedom but all they got was repression, corruption and impunity. They remain at a loss of words as to how a supposedly liberation movement could be that cruel, uncaring, corrupt, and to seal it all, actually believe that they are the only ones entitled to an opinion, access to natural resources and keys to State House. The people find it mind boggling that such levels of corruption as has been seen recently, and the worst in the history of our nation, could just be brushed aside. They are even amazed to hear the Vice President publicly posturing that fighting corruption is no different from regime change. She is correct though – it’s not possible to remove corruption without removing Zanu PF.
Then came the recent push for democracy; the people expected change but all they got were countless excuses, whilst at the same time the supposedly change agents became richer and intolerant. How things change, even so suddenly. At every attempt they were assured that this time it will happen or “gwendo guno hazvikone” only to be asked to be patient time and again. The people cannot wait forever under a cloud that drops no rain.
Secondly, we must be clear and agreed on what we are uniting. As has been said before; weak plus weak produces double weakness. ZUNDE is not calling for the unity of perennial failures; that unity belongs with Zanu PF. ZUNDE and the people are calling for winners and commitment, and not talkers and complainers. ZUNDE is a calling from beyond the stars. It’s an anointing of our people and a rejection of the evil, corruption and mediocrity that has bedeviled our political scene. You cannot pretend, fight against the ZUNDE spirit or steal it without being insane in the first place.
We all know what caused the failure of the GNU; it was corruption, individualism and reluctance to change and to push for change. The GNU started with a SADC endorsed list of reforms. The GNU partners abandoned this list of reforms and engaged in selfish power sharing games in which one side lost everything. They gambled and lost. They spent their energies complaining than doing something.
One can lie about ZUNDE but only at the risk of a chronic curse. You cannot experiment with the lives of our people and our great nation and get away with it. ZANU PF is insane for the same reason. ZANU PF desecrated the blood of our freedom fighters and did not respect the sacred wishes of our people. They have destroyed our country and spilled too much innocent blood to be entrusted with our lives and the future of our country.
ZUNDE is advocating for a can-do-attitude in our people and especially the youth. We have heard others claiming that there was no other way except what they were doing. Now that their strategy has failed we wonder what relevance they have on the political scene. Those that thought that it can’t be done or that there is no other way must not stand in the way. They have a choice; to follow the ZUNDE spirit or return to their professions as some have already done. They can still support the struggle from the comfort of their offices. Attempting to hijack the ZUNDE spirit is an insult to the intelligence of our people and all those that died for freedom.
ZUNDE is calling for a united commitment to change and not another gambling round.  We are not calling to gather around failures but a new winning strategy and team. Those that once said it cannot be done cannot suddenly claim they can now do it. They can mimic the ZUNDE call but they don’t have what it takes; integrity, clean hands and courage. They have spoiled their pants so bad they can’t stand up in public.
Thirdly, the struggle was mortalised into individual persons. When these persons fell from grace so did the cause. ZUNDE is not calling for a united effort embodied into a mortal flesh, but rather embodied in enduring values. In this cause individualism and personal interests are not admirable qualities. We are calling for the unity of selfless, brave and patriotic pro-democracy activists. This is not a popularity contest but a call for action.
ZUNDE’s push for democracy is a call that we have not exhausted the available democratic means of achieving our goal. The constitution empowers us to associate and demand change, accountability and delivery of descent services. The people have a right to recall a non performing government through the very provisions of the constitution. Our coming onto the stage is to do exactly that. The good thing is that we can do it in our lifetime.
Fourthly, we must agree on an acceptable minimum outcome. ZUNDE is calling for a united action that will only declare victory when the ZANU PF dictatorship is dismantled.Unlike the past ZUNDE is calling on everyone, without any prejudice. We will be disciplined and will not allow senseless violence. We will not worship individuals and the agreed values and the people shall be our brand. The struggle will not end simply because someone has become the President or Prime Minister or is driving the latest Mercedes Benz. It will end when the vestiges of dictatorship are totally dismantled, when the economy is recovering and when the people are free and reconciling. When refugees and exiles start coming back home only then will we be free.
Fifthly, you cannot give what you don’t have. Corrupt, violent and undemocratic institutions will always fail us. ZUNDE will not fight or terrorise the same people we are fighting to free. At ZUNDE none will be persecuted for their ambition or ideas. We want everyone to be free and start on a new course for our country; one of hope, peace, prosperity and love.
Lastly, any unity that will not dismantle the dictatorship system is of little value. The unity required is not about individuals but the purpose of the unity, its credibility and its ability to produce the results. ZUNDE is result focused so let no man mislead you and let not your hearts be troubled. We are coming and soon you will know and see. Believe not false prophets; for many will come in our name or try to steal the idea. Believe them not for they are hyenas in sheep clothing. If you are tired of trying, it’s time to join ZUNDE and win. Please visit us at or email
Thank you and may God bless our country.
Farai Mbira
ZUNDE – President
ZUNDE Department of Information & Publicity


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    Nehanda 10 years ago

    Indeed, time for losers is past our time. We need new leadership, new direction, new energy & new ideas. Go ZUNDE!!!

  • comment-avatar
    apolitical 10 years ago

    The guy that wrote this just eliminated ZUNDE.
    After a whole list of complaints they write:-
    “winners and commitment, and not talkers and complainers. “

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    Zindoga 10 years ago

    Zunde you are just copying what Mdc did there is nothing you are going to do different frm Mdc so why waste yr time and the peoples time .when Mdc ws formed thats what they were saying .you dont have any new strategy from Mdc its better you join them ,may b you formed that orgarnisation as a spring board to join Mdc you saw that you cant cme in from nowhere stop that childish politics.if you were talking about waging a war against Zanu pf you were going to be different.Zim people wont fall for you,they have seen what Morgan had done Democratically and the results,you are just trying to devide the people for the benefit of Zanu.To HELL WITH YOU

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    Smart Talk 10 years ago

    Please ZUNDE may you enlighten the people of this country about your existence. Where are you operating from and what is the complement of your organisation and who do you represent. How does your structure look like and also what is support base like? Do not fool the people when you are just an individual with a PC who changes colours like a Python yet you are a nonentity and useless. Which groups are you targeting to join forces with and what is your success predictions. How committed are these people in as far as your goals are concerned. Tibudire pachena kuti tizive chinangwa chako.

  • comment-avatar
    Smart Talk 10 years ago

    Please ZUNDE may you enlighten the people of this country about your existence. Where are you operating from and what is the complement of your organisation and who do you represent. How does your structure look like and also what is support base like? Do not fool the people when you are just an individual with a PC who changes colours like a Python yet you are a nonentity and useless. Which groups are you targeting to join forces with and what is your success predictions. How committed are these people in as far as your goals are concerned. Tibudire pachena kuti tizive chinangwa chako.

  • comment-avatar
    Davidzo 10 years ago

    Smart Talk, asi zvarwadza???

    • comment-avatar
      Tinomunamataishe 10 years ago

      Smart Talk is asking genuine questions which a lot of people are also asking and they need to be answered. People need to know more about these organisations not just Zunde.

      Its one thing typing away on a keyboard, set up a website, open a Facebook and twitter account etc than actually being on the ground canvassing for support and building upon that support.

      Also the most important thing is to make sure the elections are transparent, I need to know how Zunde are going to tackle that issue. As long as the Zanu PF mob runs the elections the way they are doing now, you can get all the support you can get but still lose the election so nothing changes.

    • comment-avatar
      Smart Talk 10 years ago

      I am sure kana usiri kurwadziwa nezvirikuitika muZimbabwe urihanzvadzi ya Leo Mugabe kana mwana wa Cuthbert Dube. Kana muchiguta mungatyei ko. What you do not know is that there is going to be a lot of sufferings when SEKURU venyu ivava vakafa. Iyezvino Malaysia Airways yave kutyisa kukwira ende kuChina kwacho hameno kana muchizokwanisa kuchengetwa. MaCIO aya anenge asisina basa nemi. Someone is taking this country at ransom. If he is concerned about this country why is he not allowing someone to go to the Seminar. Is he the only one who is allowed to attend seminars of this nature. Shame on you?/?????

  • comment-avatar

    Still not enlightened. Just politicking and a lot of vain attempt to relevance. Whoever is the writer of this article should waste his or her time doing something else.

  • comment-avatar
    loveness 10 years ago

    Zunde leaders are cowards.They are scared.who would vote for a faceless coward.some men…..woza is far much better than these pretenders

  • comment-avatar
    Lovemore 10 years ago

    loveness, you don’t become a hero or a brave person by doing things without planning. Vana Madhuku vakaita mawiramombe vakasvika kupi? WOZA yauri kutaura yakabura chii? Kurohwa nemapurisa kana kuvharirwa muchitokisi for a weekend is not necessarily an indication of bravery or good leadership. You are really dying to see your dogs of terror having a feast at ZUNDE. This time you’re dealing with a different breed. Kusaziva kufa!!!

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    Saddened 10 years ago

    Once organisations start talking about ‘cadres’ and ‘heroes’ my antennae go up & start to shake vigorously. We have had enough of this nonsense for he past 34 years. We need men & women of courage, vision & who put the welfare of Zimbabwe first before speaking of themselves in these lofty terms.

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    Have us Zimbabweans become so cynical and hopeless that we must criticise everything even when we have not given them a chance. Speak the life of God into our nation and kick out the fear and the negative. For a so called churched nation we should know that our life is in Christ. Pray for ZUNDE and give them a chance.