Plea to finish Mat South development projects 

Source: Plea to finish Mat South development projects | The Herald

Plea to finish Mat South development projects
Cde Choeni

Bulawayo Bureau

Zanu PF Matabeleland South Province wants Government departments to finish outstanding development projects.

The initiative is meant to enhance development within the province as the country surges towards Vision 2030.

The provincial party leadership met heads of Government departments who gave an update on projects that were underway in the province and challenges being faced. 

Speaking during the meeting in Gwanda recently, Zanu PF Matabeleland South provincial chairperson Cde Rabelani Choeni said going forth, the party was going to work closely with Government departments to help address challenges faced in the completion of projects. 

“We want to use our influence as a party to ensure that we secure funding for these projects,” he said. 

“While you work from your end as Government departments, we will also work on our end as the party so that we can realise as much development as possible. 

“We have to put aside our political differences because at the end of it all what we want is to see our province develop. 

“This is crucial in the attainment of Vision 2030.” 

Speaking during the meeting, Matabeleland South Minister for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Abednigo Ncube said there were a number of outstanding projects in the province that needed to be completed as a matter of urgency.

The Government under the leadership of President Mnangagwa was concerned with development in all areas.

“There are a number of outstanding developmental issues in the province such as electrification of rural areas, dilapidated infrastructure, underutilised irrigations and dams, poor roads and damaged bridges,” said Minister Ncube. 

“There is also need for more schools and health facilities. These are all issues that we seek to be addressed within the province under this initiative. 

“Let’s use this opportunity as departments and work with the Zanu PF party in order to develop our province.” 

Various heads of Government departments presented reports on ongoing projects and challenges being faced.

DDF Matabeleland South provincial coordinator, Mr Moment Malandu said road maintenance works were underway in the province, but at a slow pace. 

There was not enough equipment, which was delaying progress. 

Mr Malandu said they needed tractors for the tillage programme and rigs for drilling of boreholes. “For road maintenance we are relying on contractors as we don’t have equipment, which is a challenge as we have to work at their pace,” he said. 

“All roads need immediate attention and if we could have equipment to do the work simultaneously it would be better.” 

Matabeleland South acting provincial agricultural officer Mr Mkhunjulelwa Ndlovu said infrastructure in most irrigation schemes was dilapidated, which was affecting production.

Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Matabeleland South provincial development officer, Ms Merjury Skhundla, said there were limited working spaces for vendors in Gwanda.