Police boss bans use of hand-held spikes 

Source: Police boss bans use of hand-held spikes – NewsDay Zimbabwe

He said theft of cast iron covers also  leaves communities susceptible to health hazards.

“Theft of these manhole covers leads to health hazard outbreaks  such as cholera. Young children or adults and animals might also fall into these holes,” he said.

“Apart from sewer overflows another form of environmental pollution is in the form of air pollution due to the ever-presence of unpleasant stench.”

“It’s alleged that the high demand for scrap metal in the country is the one contributing to the spate of manhole covers theft. It is believed these manhole covers fetch a good price due to their heavy weight,” said Mdlalose.

He added that the council was now resorting to concrete slabs as manhole covers to avert further losses.

The Passengers Association of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights recently filed a High Court application seeking an order to stop the police from throwing metal spikes at moving vehicles.

Last year, the High Court ruled that use of spikes to stop vehicles refusing to obey orders was legal.

Matanga said traffic police officers would only be allowed to use  standard and approved spikes at roadblocks.

In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said defiant traffic officers would face the wrath of the law.

“The Commissioner-General of Police (Matanga) has noted with concern allegations that some officers are using hand-held spikes whilst trying to stop some errant motorists from evading police checkpoints and general enforcement of road rules and regulations in the country.”

“In this regard, the Commissioner-General of Police has with immediate effect banned the use of hand-held spikes by any police officers whilst performing traffic enforcement duties throughout the country. Any police officer who will defy this directive will be arrested and face both criminal  and stern disciplinary action. No police officer will be allowed to move around whilst openly holding or carrying spikes under the guise of traffic enforcements,” Nyathi said.

He also appealed to motorists to cooperate with law enforcements agents at roadblocks.

“We have observed that in major cities such as Harare and Bulawayo,  some kombis and pirate taxis, especially those with no number plates, do not stop at police roadblocks or police checkpoints. This makes it difficult for police to either arrest or trace them to account for their illegal